Evening Entertainment 2018

When the sun sets at Mystic South, the nights stir with activities! We invite you to participate in our evening entertainments on Friday and Saturday night.

Friday Night – Mystic South’s Got Talent: Open Mic

Calling all musicians, poets, and performers! Friday night The Night Travelers’ James McKinney and Niki Portman will host Mystic South’s Got Talent: Open Mic Night. Whether you are new to performing or a seasoned pro, the mic can be yours! Click here to contact us to sign-up. Each performer will have 15 minutes. All acts are welcome including musical performances, dance performances, poetry readings. The schedule will be posted at registration. 7pm-9pm.

Important Note: Mystic South and the event hosts reserve the right to reject any performers per conference policies. Please be aware that performance space is limited and no special accommodations will be made other than a single microphone. Come prepared with whatever you need if you are on the schedule. Also note that all MSC and hotel policies with regard to costuming and open flames apply.

Friday Night – Karaoke

Let your inner rock star escape! Join us Friday night for Karaoke hosted by Heather Greene. 9pm-11pm.

Saturday Night – Mama Gina Concert

Mama Gina, along with her alter-ego Nine Toes the Bard, travels the country, strumming 12 string acoustic, tapping frame drum and djembe, singing truth with a side of blues, and sharing the mysteries that the Gods, Goddesses and other extraordinary souls whisper in her ear.

Mama Gina will be sharing songs from her previous endeavors, as well as highlighting some new, zany songs from her upcoming “Nine Toes the Bard” CD – due out Spring 2017. Bring your friends and family! Bring your shakes, rattles and drums! Get ready to sing along! Come celebrate the Bard!

Saturday Night – The Magic of the Southern Swamplands

The lowland southern coasts are known for weepy spanish moss, majestic live oaks, and shadow-kissed swamps. Deep in that watery terrain, the locals hold close to their rich folklore, long-held traditions, and, of course, to magic. On Saturday evening, Mystic South welcomes everyone to a masquerade dance honoring “The Magic of the Southern Swamplands.” Costumes welcome.

Important Note: Please refer to the hotel and MSC policies on costuming.