Finding Your Way Around

You’ve made it to the hotel via planes, trains, and automobile; you’ve checked into our hotel room; you’ve found the registration table and received your badge. Now what?

Mystic South begins Friday early morning and runs through Sunday afternoon. Events are located in two different places inside the hotel. The key to planning a satisfying weekend is knowing in advance where everything is going to be held.

For those that attended in previous years, the places are the same, even though the hotel lobby looks different.

The bulk of the events are located in the Flower Hall, which is single hall with 6 conference rooms dedicated to MSC; each room is named after a southern flower or tree. This hall is located on the main level on the opposite side of the atrium from the hotel check-in.

The Flower Hall contains the workshop rooms: Gardenia, Azalea, Camelia, and Oakwood. It also has a main vendor room (Maplewood) and the MSC operations room (Dogwood).

Just below the Flower Hall on the terrace level is the Conference Center and Dekalb Room. These two rooms host our Headliners Workshops and more. Just outside of these two rooms will be The Sojo and the author’s corner.

Fortunately, there is a dedicated, single glass elevator that runs between the terrace and main level just a few steps away from the MSC event areas. There is no need to go far. You can attend an academic lecture downstairs in the Conference Center, scoot over to the elevator, go up one floor and be at the Flower Hall. It is that easy.

If you don’t want to wait on the elevator, the lobby has a beautiful staircase that runs through its center. It goes only from the terrace level to the main lobby.

Don’t miss out because you couldn’t find something. Study the layout before the conference starts, look for our signs, and never be afraid to ask an MSC or hotel staffer for assistance.