Mystic South – Staying Nourished

Coming in from out of town and worried about finding food while you’re at Mystic South (especially since our schedule is so jam packed)? Fear not! We’ve got all the tips you need to prepare ahead of your favorite workshops to ensure you do not pass out from hunger.

There is a Super Target, Walmart, Costco, Total Wine, Alon’s Bakery and Market (YUM!), and a real grocery store all within two miles of the hotel. The hotel itself has a morning coffee shop, a lunch grab and go, a bar, a convenience store, and a full dinner/lunch restaurant. There is a Starbucks right outside. If you want a longer break, you can venture out to one of the many nearby restaurants from McDonalds to McCormick and Schmicks. The mall across the street has a full food court, Italian restaurant and Cheesecake factory.

And if you want luxury desserts and coffees, slip over to Intermezzo, which is next door by Alon’s.

How to manage that if you are coming from out of town? The hotel offers a free shuttle to any location in and around the area within 3 mi. It is accessible to all guests. Ask the concierge for assistance.

Here is our suggestion for Mystic South food survival and for any big Pagan conference that has too much going on to see it all:

If you arrive Thursday, take a trip on the shuttle (or ask a friend with a car) to a store – any store. By drinks, snacks, and other basics for your room. Breakfast and lunch are keys. (The rooms have refrigerators)

Carry snacks on your person during the day. Bring a reusable water bottle. The hotel provides fresh water all over the conference space for refills.

If you arrive on Friday or any other time, pick a time that you can miss a workshop and go to a store and stock up. Missing one event to stock up means missing less for food trips later.

Yes, MSC is jammed packed with engaging learning opportunities. There are too many for us all to see every single one. It was designed to be this diverse.

But we all have to eat too. So plan out which events are the least interesting to you and figure your meals and your meal hunting during those times. Whatever you do, don’t forget to eat and drink plenty of water.