Cherry Hill Seminary Summer Session

We are proud and honored that Cherry Hill Seminary will be hosting their Summer Session during Mystic South! CHS professor Bob Patrick will be hosting a 4-part series which is open to all Mystic South attendees.

Bob will bring together The Three Cauldrons, a way of viewing the spiritual life and as a model for Celtic shamanism. He will be bringing together pieces of ancient spiritual practice from the Irish Celtic traditions and modern brain research to explore the power of story in the inner and outer worlds of Earth, Sea and Sky. Each session will include some of the foundational material about both the ancient cauldron system of the human being and the recent brain research.

Each session will be devoted to examining story as it relates to one of the three cauldrons and our spiritual journey in the world.. The final session will reach for some integration of the ancient and modern research with suggestions for spiritual practice. Exploring the power of story: the physical body aspects, the emotional/relational aspects, and the wisdom/spiritual aspects.

If you are a member of Cherry Hill Seminary, participating in these four workshops can count towards your CHS masters degree or other certifications! Head over to the Cherry Hill site for more information and your registration forms.