Headliner Workshops 2018

We are excited that the following presenters will be joining us at Mystic South Conference 2018. Be sure to register today so you can attend their presentations, workshops, and performances!

We’ve listed the workshops that will be offered by each of our headliners below. Final dates and times will be provided in our registration packet at check-in. Don’t miss a moment! Register today! You can download the most recent schedule of workshops and PAPERS by clicking here.


[fac_icon icon=”pencil” font_size=”20px”] The Shredded Veil – Modern Pagan tradition says a Veil separates the world of the living from the world of the Gods and ancestors, and that the Veil is thinner at certain times of the year, like Samhain. But over the past few years, many of us have felt like the Veil is shredded, and both magic and spirits are crossing over regularly, for good and for ill.

This workshop will examine our experiences of the shredded Veil and our theories about what might be causing it. It will include an open discussion where participants can share their recent Otherworldly experiences and compare notes, as we to try to refine our thinking about what’s going on.

[fac_icon icon=”pencil” font_size=”20px”] Daily Spiritual Practice for Pagans – Regular spiritual practice is at the core of any religion, including Paganism. This workshop will cover the things we can do on a daily basis to do form, strengthen, and maintain healthy relationships with our deities, our ancestors, our friends and family, our core values, and with the wider world.

[fac_icon icon=”magic” font_size=”20px”] Ritual: A Gathering of Ravens: A Devotional Ritual to the Morrigan – The Morrigan is the Irish Goddess of sovereignty, of battle and of the aftermath of battle. She is very active in our world, calling people to follow Her and Her virtues. In this ritual we will honor the Morrigan and listen for Her call, and if we choose, respond to it.


Ivo Domguez Jr[fac_icon icon=”pencil” font_size=”20px”] The How and Why of Animal Omens – It is an old and well established practice to look to the appearance and the behavior of animals as givers of omens and messages. This workshop explores the practices, the metaphysics, and the lore of how and why animals serve as messengers for the spirits and more. Suggestions will be made on how to be more receptive to this sort of guidance, and to understand it more fully. As a part of this workshop, we will also touch upon the souls, afterlife, and Deities of animals.

[fac_icon icon=”pencil” font_size=”20px”] Plant Spirit Magick – The use of herbs, resins, and plant materials in magick and healing requires more than good recipes and solid techniques in their creation and use. In addition to the physical and psychological impact of the materials, there is also a wide array of energies and spiritual entities that are accessed through plant materials. This workshop will primarily focus on the magick and the energy of plant materials. You will be introduced to several ways to awaken the powers that slumber in the plant materials, and to communicate and negotiate with their spirits.


[fac_icon icon=”pencil” font_size=”20px”] Santa Muerte: Honoring the Reaperess – While Santa Muerte, the Mexican saint of death, is usually portrayed negatively as a fierce drug cartel saint in mass media and TV, her oldest and most popular role is that of protector throughout Mexico, Latin America, and the United States. Popular devotion has raised her up as a multifaceted and multi-tasking warrior. She is a goddess who helps devotees face those parts of themselves that they’d rather not see because she cares. This workshop will give some insight into the pre-Columbian history, the development and importance of the Angel of Death in Latin American society, and offer guidance into working with the fastest growing spiritual movement in the Americas. Participants will get to know La Flaka (The Skinny One); her origin, her purpose, the significance of the colored robes and candles.

[fac_icon icon=”pencil” font_size=”20px”] Belly Goddess: Healing the Womb – Women’s natural spirituality differs from men’s spirituality, and yet we expect it to be the same. The Women’s Womb Circle is an ancient practice. It was how women came together to share wisdom, celebrate, strengthen community and connect with the Sacred Feminine/Goddess/Divine Mother. The Divine means different things to us in each phase of our life. Through joy and pain, our spiritual needs and our spiritual expression change with each phase.

There is a need deep within to validate our female bodies in all its forms, to release the restraints, and guilt, and to step into the world free and joyful and connected to the powerful energies that are inherent in being a woman. Working with our Womb energies changes us, and our perspective about our place in the world. When a woman is able to honor her Womb her connection to the sacred feminine energies within her deepens. She is also able to access the energy for her own personal healing, self-development, and awakening.

The Belly Goddess workshop is a safe space where women can reconnect the Divine Feminine. Participants will discuss the importance of the sacral chakra form women. They will be encouraged to dialogue with their divine voice through journaling and meditation in order to reconnect with their authentic individual and spiritual self.


[fac_icon icon=”pencil” font_size=”20px”] Reclaiming our Cultural Codes of Conduct: When does Life and the Living of it get Better? – When we know what the agreements are…or what new agreements need creation. The agreements between the Living, Dead and those waiting to be born are the foundation not only for safe and healthy ancestral veneration, they are the WAY by which our journey through the Earth school is navigated. Ancestral trauma and neglected repairs in our family lineages play out every day…and are either “”Our blessing or our disgrace””. In striving toward righteousness…or right standing with the Spirit world, we must know and master our ancestors’ codes of conduct. What are rules of engagement??? In other words “What is your Wakanda State of Mind?”

[fac_icon icon=”pencil” font_size=”20px”] Keeping the Ceremony in our Everyday Lives – Designed to assist those that seek balance through ancient indigenous rituals and practices. Grounding ourselves in Nature and accessing our beliefs in this season of unprecedented change is paramount to maintaining healthy living skills. As with any skillsets that we are unfamiliar with, the key ingredients are knowledge, wisdom and practice.

Mama Gina

[fac_icon icon=”bolt” font_size=”20px”] Invoking and Evoking the Tarot Archetypes: Invoking the Star – We’ll define and discuss practical theory regarding invoking and evoking archetypal energies, and then participate in a guided meditation, invoking the Star from the Tarot Major Arcana. Please bring paper and pencil if you wish to take notes, your Tarot deck with your Star card ready (if you don’t have a deck – no worries, Mama Gina has plenty), and a very open mind and even more open heart.

The Night Travelers

[fac_icon icon=”pencil” font_size=”20px”] Gypsy/Roma Culture and History – A short explanation of basic Roma culture and society with an explanation of Roma origins and history as well as their contributions to world society over time.