Panels 2018

In addition to workshops, Headliner workshops, rituals, and PAPERS presentations, Mystic South will also feature a series of panel discussions. Each is facilitated by one or more individuals knowledgeable on the topic. The following panels are confirmed for Mystic South 2018. Please check the posted schedule for date, time, and location. You can download the schedule by clicking this link.

Navigating the Waters as a POC in 2018

Moderated by: Clio Ajana
Panelists: Arxontas DNMI, Manny Tejeda-Moreno, Ivo Dominguez, Evan Barton
Topic: The Pagan climate in 2018 is a rocky road for Pagans of Color. Let’s talk about what it’s really like,
how much support do POC need from the larger community, and how the political, social, and
economic reality affect the survival of POC in our community.

Reconstructing a Faith: Using Research to Bring an Ancient Faith to Modern Times

Moderated by: Ryan Denison
Panelists: Anomalous Thracian, J. Beofeld, Morgan Daimler
Topic: This panel will discuss the need for solid research methodologies in the reconstruction of ancient
religions. We will talk about the purpose of historiography, and how to put those findings into a
modern context and world view.

Defining the Pagan 4th & 5th Estates, and Why We Need Them

Facilitated by: Star Bustamonte
Panelists: <participant list forthcoming>
Topic: This discussion panel will seek to highlight the differences between journalism, news reporting, and blogging, and why they are so necessary for democracy and for the Pagan Community.