PAPERS 2019 Application

Abstract Review Guidelines
Pagan and Polytheist Educational Research Symposium

The goal of the PAPERS review guidelines is to provide consistency among reviewers and support the development of PAPERS programming through academic presentations to:

  • Provide high quality, original research concerning pagans and polytheists and their communities
  • is relevant, timely, and excites conference attendees
  • reflects diversity of practice in the pagan/polytheist community
  • reflects a balance between research, practices, issues and concerns, and education

Pagan and Polytheist Educational Research Symposium 2019 Call for Abstracts

PAPERS invites abstracts related to any pagan and/or polytheist faiths in their practice, science, history, culture, and relations to other faiths and institutions/systems for the 3rd annual Mystic South Conference to be held July 19th thru 21st at the Crowne Plaza Perimeter in Atlanta, Georgia. Applications will be accepted through January 31, 2019.

We are interested in presentations that focus on the mysticism and magical practices of Pagans and Polytheists in America, tackle larger concerns affecting our collective communities, discuss the history of paganism in America, or share the diversity of practice and culture within our mystical worlds. Come experience and share in the culture of American Paganism and Polytheism!