Mystic South Workshops 2019

Mystic South offers a variety of different workshops and rituals presented by members of the Pagan, Polytheistic, Witchcraft, and Heathen community. This page lists all the currently confirmed workshops that will be offered! We will continue to add more workshops as we get closer to the event. A final schedule of workshops will be given out at check-in on site.

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Workshops & Rituals will take place in the following rooms: Azalea, Camellia, Gardenia, and Dekalb. They are colored BLACK and RED (for rituals) in the PDF. All HEADLINER presentations will be held in the Oakwood Room. They are colored PURPLE in the PDF. Click here for their descriptions. If you're looking for PAPERS Presentations (in GREEN in the PDF), click this link. All PAPERS are held in the Conference Center located downstairs.

We've also flagged each workshop with any specific information or items you need to know ahead of time. Under the TYPE column, you will see different icons for each type of workshop or ritual. Here is what each each icon means:
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Ancient Egyptian Spirituality for Modern Pagans Shrouded in the mists of prehistory are the origins of Ancient Egyptian religious thought. What may seem obscure from the outside comes to vibrant life when one begins to understand key ancient concepts, images, and the rhythm of life around the Nile's annual cycle. The founder of the Osireion has studied Egyptology and hieroglyphs informally for nearly fifteen years and shares history, insights and suggestions for adapting the ancient for your modern Pagan practice. Holli Emore
Appalachian Folk Medicine Folk techniques brought by immigrants of the British Isles melded with native herbal wisdom to create a vibrant healing tradition in the Southern Appalachian mountains. Explore the culture, heritage, remedies, herbs, and the twisty history of hoodoo and traditional mountain medicine. Learn deep relaxation techniques & spend time with the Seven Sovereign Sisters of the Appalachian mountains. Byron Ballard
Arcane Borders - Elements of Magic and Tradition from the Border of Scotland and England Magic and the supernatural are woven into the fabric of Border culture. Still practicing customs identified as Iron-age in origin, the Border people maintained much of their Fairy faith and magical traditions even under the oppression of the Kirk (church) and brought them to our American shores. Join us in this workshop and learn authentic ways to connect with the cultural and magical heritage of the Borders. Discover its distinctive ethos and philosophy, unique customs and esoteric practices. Be introduced to some regional deities. Learn a local method of divination and culturally appropriate method to honor Ancestors, Fairy and Spirits. Llevin and Gwen
Beautiful Feast of the Valley - Ancient Egyptian Midsummer Ritual The Beautiful Feast of the Valley is a holiday that was observed each year around the summer solstice in ancient Thebes. The priests at the Karnak Temple brought out the images of Amon, Mut and their son Khons, put them on a solar boat, and hauled it across the Nile, followed by all the people of Thebes, for a day of offerings to the ancestors at the tombs on the west bank, followed by a night of feasting. Members of Temple Osireion will present their contemporary ritual, including discussion of key concepts of Ancient Egyptian Spirituality for today's practitioners. Holli Emore
A Better Concept of Polarity Polarity. It's a contentious topic in our magical community these days. Some people want to abandon it as a holdover of a past that is both Queer- and Transphobic. Others staunchly hold onto it as the last bastion of "authentic" magic. How do we, as modern magical practitioners, navigate this "push button" issue without losing the tried and true benefits traditionally ascribed to its usage in the Occult Western Mystery Tradition? Casey Giovinco, the author of "Garbed In Green," helps you navigate this issue in order to enrich your own personal practice in a more realistic, authentic, and accepting way. Casey Giovinco
Castings & Containers: Choices In Creating Sacred Space There are many methods for creating sacred space and each has qualities, characteristics, that make them more or less suited to different kinds of spiritual and magickal endeavors. There are also a variety of levels of complexity and intensity associated with creating the container, the setting, for the work. In this class we will explore some of the many approaches and offer suggestions on how to select the best option for the specific work. Ivo Dominguez Jr
Cerridwen: Connecting with the Keeper of the Cauldron Who is the goddess Cerridwen? How is she relevant to modern Celtic pagan practices? The answer is simple: Cerridwen is a goddess who can assist modern pagans with navigating life changes to emerge a stronger and more resilient person. Cerridwen is known as a goddess of transformation through the cauldron. In this work shop, I will explore the mythology surrounding the goddess in The Mabinogion from Welsh medieval literature as well as her connections to Irish myth and legend. The literary and historical context of my research will inform how the symbolism of the cauldron can help one to develop methods not only to explore life's challenges as catalysts to transformation, but to begin to build a closer connection to Cerridwen in daily practices. Morridwen Ravenhawk
Connecting to the Land Where You Are Most of us who live in North America don’t have deep ancestral connections to the land where we live. We have ethical concerns about how we came to hold this land and the way our not-very-distant ancestors treated the people who were here first. And yet as Pagans, we recognize we need a connection to the land.

This workshop will explore the ways we can form relationships with the land where we are, whether we live in cities, suburbs, or rural areas, based on a foundation of animism and the principles of reciprocity.
John Beckett
Color Schemes: providing a spiritual and social concept framework for use of color from the Historic Heathen Era. Color is an important tool in spiritual work and generalized communication. Having a deeper understanding of the use of color in the past allows better use of this tool. Historic color knowledge increases the depth of ancestor veneration and provides a more nuanced approached to re-constructionist practices. This class will explore differentiation between modern spiritual color symbolism and historic color meaning within the context of historic Wealth Display and Prestige Culture in Western Europe from 1CE to 1000CE. Information will include the symbolic and cultural roles of specific items in the historic record (textiles, paints, precious gems, enamel, etc.), the activities surrounding the production, distribution and use of those items. Discussion will then lead to brainstorming about ways to apply the wealth display concept to modern Heathen life. Hands on items will be provided for demonstration.Ideas presented in this class are applicable to all cultures and time periods. Sid Simpson
Connecting Magic and Science: Decoding Scientific Names Combing through the names of plants is fascinating, it tells us so much about the journey of the magic that takes place within. The Doctrine of Signatures tells us about the magic of the plant as well. When you connect each plant to its botanical family you can do more than know its roots; you can instinctively tell its magical history, lineage and uses in a way that memorizing books with never match. Understand working botanical magic with this innovative approach to working with plants. Amy Blackthorn
Craftivism Panel [PANEL DISCUSSION] Craftivism is a form of activism or protest using the platform of handcraft to deliver both subtile and overt messages. Handcraft has often been associated with the feminine aspect but we view craftivism as a universal tool for working with energy and intent manifesting it in a physical object. Some examples of modern craftivism include the AIDS quilt, the Welcome Blanket project, and although it struggles with issues of inclusivity, the Pussy Hats from the Women’s March. Our discussion will give a few examples of craftivism over the history of the South and have opportunities for sharing of ideas and projects where you can get involved in areas that are important to you. Debra Burris, Alpandia
Creating Modern Art from Ancient Pagan Poetry Using the ancient Viking poetry from the Havamal and Voluspa, artist Sam Flegal will discuss how he interpreted the lore for a modern audience using techniques that engage the subconscious brain; aiding in free association and picture making. Sam Flegal
Cults of the Sacred Springs and Holy Wells Throughout space and time Water has been considered holy and sacred. It has been used to both heal as well as used to carry curses. Holy wells are honored for their sacred properties, holy water and sometimes even having a spirit itself! Sacred springs and holy wells are where both malevolent and benevolent spirits dwell. In this lecture we will discuss a variety of sacred springs and holy wells including those at Glastonbury, Bath, Brigid’s Springs, Mother Shipton’s Wishing Well and sacred springs found stateside. These sacred springs have been used to curse and heal for hundreds of years. There are literally thousands of sacred water sites world wide many featuring a rich esoteric history of spells, rituals and customs. We will discuss common curses, spells for healing and the people that work at these sacred spaces and how to use these ancient practices in a modern world. Annwyn Avalon
Devotional Ritual to Badb Join the Tuatha De Morrigan in honoring the Morrigan, Irish goddess of sovereignty and battle. In this devotional ritual we will call upon the Morrigan in her guise as Badb, the battle crow and lady of prophecy. We will call on her for releasing that which we no longer need and strength in our personal battles. Stephanie Woodfield, Edward Rickey, Catrina Rivera, Sonja Sadovsky
Divination Magic With Skulls & Bones An introduction to working with skulls, bones and other dead things for divination and as magickal allies. The logistics of owning certain animal bones and parts will be covered as well as modern techniques for magical work. We will work through several techniques from skull scrying to how to build a bone divination kit. Stephanie Woodfield
Down to Earth: The Power of Grounding It is easy to forget our tools that help to be in our bodies, especially in healthy and powerful ways. This workshop is an opportunity to discuss, as a group, what it means to be grounded and anchored in magical and mundane spaces. This is a chance to take personal energetic inventory, and ask, "how grounded and present am I?" This is also an invitation to discuss ideas and techniques, so all can identify what methods work best for them! Heather Gaffney-Darnell
Empathic Self-Defense If you are an empath or a naturally sensitive person, you have probably felt overwhelmed by the emotions of others from time to time. This class is designed to give empaths and naturally sensitive people tested strategies to protect themselves against being overwhelmed by their sensitivity and by other people’s emotional energy. The class will cover energy shielding, breath work, brief meditations, psychological tactics and conversational tactics -- all meant to help you avoid getting overwhelmed and to peacefully defend yourself against emotionally draining or overwhelming people, negative environments, and emotional onslaughts. You will leave class with five strategies to help you transcend the stress of other people’s emotions in a sustainable way. Eric Kenron
Exploring Traditional Wicca While there are many powerful variations of contemporary witchcraft, traditional Wicca offers unique experiences for those who seek it out. Though eclectic and solitary forms of Wicca have come to dominate public communities and the Internet, older styles of initiatory, oathbound, traditional Wicca have remained and thrived just below the surface. In this workshop, we’ll take a closer look at Wicca from a traditional standpoint and address questions about hierarchy, initiation, lineage, and seeking. If you’ve ever suspected that Wicca is more than what you see on social media and in books, you’re right. Thorn Mooney
A Faery Song: the performance to the Fae Step out of this world into the realms of Faerie. A Faery Song is a live acoustic performance by the sweet-voiced Melanie Gruben from Dallas, TX. Join Melanie at Mystic South for an enchanting musical experience which teaches the faerie cultures of the Celtic lands, with folk guitar and gripping stories as accompaniment. This journey will take you--the adventurer--through wonder, laughter, pathos, and tales of danger. Hear the sounds of A Faery Song before you attend at Melanie Gruben
The familiar as muse: Working with spirits to create art and music In this workshop, we will talk about techniques and practices that will help us to use our familiars and guides to direct us in artistic endeavors. We will work with techniques to integrate our spirit guides into our artistic and or musical practices so that they can be a direct inspiration to our work. In addition to working with our existing familiars, we will talk about how to acquire a familiar who can help us with a particular craft or inspiration trouble. Drawing/sketching materials will be provided, but you are invited to bring something to work with in the workshop in the medium you want to work in if you have a particular interest outside of 2d drawing. We will be working with breath and voice as well, making this a good option for musicians too! Lyn (Birka) Skadadottir
Fertile Ground Workshop Teach the southern and African roots of working the earth to create a fertile ground altar. To manifest your purpose and desires. Thunder Walker
Fiber Magick This Workshop will discuss the energy involved in handmade items. We will be creating the witches ladder as outlined in the book Fiber Magick. Opal Luna and Karl the drum guy
Finding The Other Realms Under Suburbia We all dream of misty woods and meadows of lightning bugs but many of us live in the concrete forests of urban America. How can we access the wildwood from a third floor apartment? Do land spirits visit window boxes on fire escapes? Does a manicured city park contain any real magic? The answer is a joyful "yes!" Come and learn the secrets of crossing the borders in a world with asphalt pathways and springs of recycled water. Byron Ballard
Finger Labyrinths Humans have been building Labyrinths for over 4000 years. This workshop will touch on the history of Labyrinths, their construction and uses. The main focus will be the construction of a personal Finger Labyrinth. We will bring art supplies: paint, cloth, tiles, paper so the participant can make a Finger Labyrinth to take home and use for meditation and for magical workings. Sherree Bailey is a Co-leader of the UUCG CUUPS(Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) in Lawrenceville. She also co-leads a Women’s Spirituality Group and facilitates Magical Arts & Crafts for Children and Adults at UUCG. Dmitry Novak is a Graphic Artist who attended SCAD. Sherree Bailey and Dmitry Novak
Folk Magic in the Round This interactive multimedia presentation features three different faces of folk magic. Culture, history and practices of Hoodoo from Appalachia, Powwow/Braucherei from Pennsylvania and the Dutch-Fork, S.C. and Conjure from the Mississippi Delta come alive as writers Byron Ballard, Tony Kail and Jack Montgomery bring the stories of healers, conjurers and spiritual doctors to life through storytelling, visuals and music. Byron Ballard, Tony Kail and Jack Montgomery
The Great Year The Etruscans and Romans measured time as a cycle, the Great Year, also known as the Saeculum. This workshop takes this ancient pagan idea of time and, using modern sociological research, applies it to our experiences in the 20th and 21st century US. Are you Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter-born? How are your experiences shaped by your place on the wheel of the Great Year? How has the cycle played out, where are we now and where are we going? Based on my book, The Great Wheel: Living the Pagan Cycles of Our Lives and Times expected out from Llewellyn early in 2020, explore how you are dancing the Great Wheel with exercises and meditation. Jo Graham
Grieving the Pagan Way Grieving is never easy, whether it’s for a friend, family member, spouse or pet. Although Pagans view death differently than other religions, the pain hits us just as hard, and Pagan resources for grieving are not easy to find. This workshop explores the richness of Paganism for relevant models of grieving that can inspire, support and encourage during one of life’s most difficult journeys. Get a fresh look at familiar symbols, hear stories of how the Pagan goddesses and gods have grieved, and learn ways to reinvigorate your daily practice. The workshop also includes a meaningful ritual to assist you with any grief that you are currently carrying. This will be a safe space in which fellow Pagans can share, learn from and support one another. From Charlotte, NC, Rev. Wes is a MDiv candidate at Cherry Hill Seminary and a Spiritual Care volunteer with the American Red Cross. His spiritual practice includes Haitian Vodou and exploring the woods. Rev. Wes Isley
Herbs of the Southern Appalachians in Medicine and Magic Man has been using plants for medicine and magic for millennia, relying on what they could harvest near home, rather than the trade we use today. The people of the southern Appalachians are no exception. From a tea for a fever to a root used as a love charm, herbs have and continue to help us. There is no way to cover all herbs native to our region, so DJ discusses 15 of the most commonly-found. Easy preparations, both medicinal and magical, will be touched upon. Deborah ("DJ") Martin
The History and Magick of Southern Bottle Trees Bottle trees are found all over the South and decorate the yards of all sorts of homes. Originally a form of protection magick, they combine ancestral work with the power of trees to guard your home from meddlesome spirits. This workshop will review the history of bottle trees and explore how we can keep this important Southern tradition alive in our magickal lives today. Rayna Templebee
Hoodoo and the Greek Magical Papyri Some of the hoodoo formulas given to William Henry Hyatt, Zora Neale Hurston, and other researchers by their informants in the early 20th century are remarkably similar to spells in use in the Greco-Roman era, recorded in sources like the Greek Magical Papyri. Some like the SATOR square are virtually unchanged, while others are different in specific content but use the same format and approach. We will discuss how that probably happened, and what it says about the durability and adaptability of traditional magical practice. Sara Amis
The Importance of Pagan Journalism [PANEL DISCUSSION] The Wild Hunt will host a panel session to discuss the relevance of the Pagan journalism as an important community resource to be preserved. Pagan journalism allows for the dissemination of information but more importantly support the fourth and fifth estate functions. Clio Ajana (TWH columnist), Star Bustamonte (TWH News Editor), Rick de Yampert (TWH writer and contributor), Jake Leibowitz (TWH News Writer), Stacy Psaros (TWH Social Media)and Manny Tejeda-Moreno (TWH Editor)
Improving Group Meditations The concept behind this workshop is to bring together and share amongst the participants experiences and best practices of group meditation. Topics will be things like timing and pacing, evocative word choice, touching upon the senses, and creating a desired outcome and effect from the meditation. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and bounce off their ideas among others in the class. Michael Rollins
Introduction to Chaos Magick Chaos: one is taught to believe chaos is disruptive, destructive; the source of pandemonium. Magick, which is a medium through which we can bend reality in our favor through the awareness and use of the quantum properties which govern our universe and so many others, can be a likened to a key. It is a part of our existence, and it cannot be ignored. The door we seek is what we desire, something we wish to change about ourselves, others, or the world that surrounds us. The working of Chaos Magick is the solution, the key to the door. That being said, we cannot always sit by idly waiting for the door to appear, for we exist in a dimension full of many doors, and when casting a spell or performing a magickal work, we often must become proactive and seek out the lock that our newly formed key fits. Cody Scaroborough
Justice-craft of the Wise Join magical herbalist and author of, 'Blackthorn's Botanical Magic' Amy Blackthorn on a quest to make the world a better place. We will discuss the crossroads of the modern era and where they can be found in metropolitan places, as well as how to empower (or dis-empower) political bills, laws, court documents and more. We’ll delve into the ethics of hexing, curses, and jinxes. Learn to create your own cloak of invisibility and how to banish harmful people from your life. We’ll discuss essential oils and botanicals for justice magic and ways of incorporating them in our lives. Amy Blackthorn
Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate's Modern Witchcraft From Hekate's ancient past to her modern incarnation, her witches have always walked the crooked path of bane and blessing. The keys of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft of gnosis, pharmakeia and goetia place the power in our hands. Ride your broom to the heights of the mysteries and travel deep into Hekate's Cave in this one hour workshop exploring the power of Modern Hekatean Witchcraft. Includes a ritual invoking the spirits of Hekate's Ancient Witches. Cyndi Brannen
‘Laying Ghosts’ - Demystifying the Ancient Art of Necromancy From ancestor worship to exorcism, working with the dead has remained an important element in many magical traditions. In this presentation we will focus on the study of Classical Necromancy. For over a thousand years these magicians have actively experimented, observed and classified the dead and their shadowy realms. We will draw on this accumulated wisdom to explore the true history and practice of Classical Necromancy and some of its unique operations. Learn the classifications of the spirits of the dead, how to know when spirits are present, and how to diagnose the effects caused by their activities. Llevin Ithon and Gwenlian
Lifting the Veil with Shamanic Qabalah Almost every human being seeks communion with some sort of creative power in the universe, to explore the unseen. What if there were tangible ways of experiencing the source of all life, that Great Originating Mystery? What if there was an actual map to navigating the spiritual realms? Fusing Hermetic Qabalah and Peruvian shamanic practices, author Daniel Moler lays out a template for exploring the inner and outer worlds in the tradition of the ancients. Presenting a path forward, through the Qabalistic Tree of Life, Daniel uncovers a system of spiritual relationship that anyone from any walk of life can follow. Discover how you can make your own way communing with the unseen and achieving harmony with your Self and the world around you. Daniel Moler
Lunar Witchcraft: Navigating the Tides Within Presenting a practical system of Lunar Witchcraft for navigating the tides of power that flow through the dance of Sun, Earth and Moon - both internally and externally. Ideas will be discussed for an astrological approach to timing and naming conventions. We'll answer questions like: What is a "Super Moon?" When are "Blue" and "Black" Moons? What is the difference between a Dark Moon and New Moon? What does "Moon Void-of Course" mean? and What magick would I work during a lunar eclipse? Discussing ideas for monthly internal balancing rites according to the moon's astrological sign. Heron Michelle
Magic, Energy and Materials How to work with stones, herbs, metals, crystals, wood, paper and special exceptions of stones and metals, and even how to work with man made materials like plastic. Know the difference between metals, and how to work them. How to marry materials, how to make memories in combination of materials. How to work with anything that you come in contact with. Everything in the world we can relate to, everything we can work magic with. Sometimes it is only a relationship. 3 Shaman that have worked with everything in the past 50 years. Archonstone, Lady Ursa, Lord Bear
Magical Arts & Crafts for Children 8 easy crafts and rituals to build connections with your children and help them create their own magical tools inexpensively. We will provide supplies to make 5 each of 8 different crafts from different traditions and handouts to help participants create their own rituals. Crafts wiil include: Fabric covered pool noodles turned into Wizard Staffs, Sleipners made of popsickle sticks and wooden clothespins, Hand Painted Mini Altar cloths, Rune or Ogham sticks, Brigid’s Crosses, Salt Dough Sugar Skulls, Rattles and Rainsticks, Wire Hangar Sistrum instruments. Sherree Bailey and Sue Daniel
The Magical Marketplace: Candle Shops, Pharmacies and Herb Shops in the South This workshop looks at the cultural and historical importance of magical supply stores throughout southern hoodoo history. Photographs and artifacts will tell the story of the places that spiritual workers in the south relied upon for candles, herbs, roots and powders. Attendees will learn about the owners, pharmacists and healers of such well-known establishments like A. Schwab, Champion’s Pharmacy, Millers Rexall, Rondo Spiritual Temple, The Curio Shop and much more. Tony Kail and Jack Montgomery
Magical Self Defense: Practical Protection & Psychic Security Worried someone might be coming at you with a magical attack? Don't sweat it - this workshop will teach you all kinds of handy magical self defense skills, from binding and banishing to traditional folk magic and witch bottles. Not only that, we'll look at the mundane actions you can take to keep someone from hitting you with negative energy, how to figure out it you're truly curse or hexed, and some quick and dirty ways to create a magical barrier around your property, your loved ones, and your valuable stuff. Handouts will be available, but you're welcome to take notes if you need to! Patti Wigington
Modern Minoan Paganism: A Growing Tradition Ariadne, the Labyrinth, the Minotaur, the Snake Goddess, Dionysus. Most people have heard of these and other members of the Minoan pantheon from ancient Crete. But how can we incorporate them into modern Pagan spiritual practice? Do these gods and goddesses still speak to us, and if so, what are they saying? Pagan priestess Laura Perry is delighted to share the growing tradition of Modern Minoan Paganism, its deities, its practices, and its sacred calendar. This is not a purely reconstructionist tradition, but a journey in relationship with the Minoan deities in the contemporary world. It is especially relevant in this time of change and evolution, with a focus on egalitarianism and the recognition of the sacred throughout our everyday lives. Modern Minoan Paganism is a welcoming path, open to all. Laura Perry
Money Magic & Financial Folklore Money magic is one of the most popular forms of spellwork. If you’ve ever thought about adding a bit of extra scratch to your wallet, this workshop is designed for you! From mojo bags and knot magic to herbs, crystals, and charms, we’ll look at financial folklore from around the world, as well as show you how to bring money in without sending any out. Join us for a fun and interactive workshop that won’t cost you a thing! Patti Wigington &
Angie Kunschmann
The Mystery of Ariadne & Dionysus Join Allison as she shares in the story of the Serpent Goddess of Crete and its often misunderstood and inaccurate history. This workshop will begin with a discussion about the Serpent Goddess, known as Ariadne then shift into a meditative journey as participants are guided within the Mystery Tradition of Ariadne & Dionysus.

And now I will tell you two stories / One that is at the heartbeat of our history, a story of balance and peace, / and one that a world out of balance wishes us to believe

Allison Lockshier has developed a personal and sacred relationship with the Serpent Goddess, and began sharing her knowledge and understanding of Ariadne with others in 2018. She is a core facilitator for the annual spiritual retreat Awakening SpiritFire Within. This workshop will include a meditative journey so participants will need a yoga mat and/or blanket and pillow for comfort.
Allison and Roger Lockshier
New Research and Historical Findings on Conjurers, Healers and Spiritual Doctors in Folk Healing Cultures This workshop will provide attendees will fresh information about historically significant personalities, incidents and discoveries of hoodoo, Pow-Wow and folk healing cultures. Tony Kail and Jack Montgomery open their files of ethnographic and folkloric based research to share new findings in their pursuit of preserving hoodoo-related history. Tony Kail and Jack Montgomery
No more CHUR-cle! Witchcraft Group Ritual Techniques to Engage and Empower Everyone Don't you hate it when a group witchcraft rite turns into a boring, tiresome slog you can't wait to be over? I call those lost opportunities "church-in-a-circle." You know the drill: celebrants are shuffling in pain, and lose their focus. They can't hear or see what is going on, and have nothing to do but watch the theatrical production that may not have any personal meaning for them. Not cool, my witches! This interactive teaching ritual will demonstrate modern witchcraft methods for creating the temple (casting circle and opening the elemental gateways and evocations) and raising power that engages all celebrants in the magick. Through the enactment of this "Enacting the Crossroads Within" ritual, we'll present simple leadership skills, like guiding visualization and directing energy, that can be added to the use of physical posture, mudras, intonations and movement, to engage all the layers of the self: body, will, heart, mind and spirit! Heron Michelle
Ophiolatry: Sacred Serpents in Religion, Devotion, and Worship Few images or themes are more common, or of central importance, than that of the serpent, within various cultures and religions throughout the world. Join us for an exploration of the role of sacred serpents in religious practice, identity, devotion and story, in both historic and contemporary expressions, as presented by a priest at the Ophidiarium, a (multi-faith polytheistic) sanctuary of serpents providing reverent care for a number of snakes who are served or honored within three distinct religious traditions. Thrax
Osiris, Set, Horus: The Eternal Struggle An exploration of the Osiris/Set/Horus relationship, its mythical underpinnings, symbolism, and usefulness in understanding the Ancient Egyptian and modern ideas surrounding life, death, struggle, and sacrifice. Michael Smith
Pagan Ethics In recent years there have been a broad questions about what are and are not ethical magical and religious practices. In this class we will take a two pronged approach, looking at the academic question of contemporary paganism as a world religion and its ethical context and exploring the practical ways in which our internal ethical code can be clarified and then applied in our individual and communal lives. Michael Smith
Pagan InterPlay - Honoring our Ancestors InterPlay uses a series of incremental forms using movement, spoken word, and music that allow participants to express themselves and have fun. There's no right or wrong way to do InterPlay, so you always do it right!

We'll use InterPlay forms, including spoken word, movement, and music to explore our relation to our ancestors and to honor them. We'll begin with a gentle warm-up (adaptable for people with physical issues). Next, we'll do a little babbling, a story telling form that lets us get to know each other while we tell our stories about our ancestors, both of blood and spirit. Then we'll do a hand-to-hand dance in honor of our ancestors and, if we choose, share a little about our thoughts and feelings. Finally, we’ll do a short musical form. For more information about InterPlay and to locate a group near you, go to"
Jennifer Dodson
Pagan Polyamory Roundtable Discussion Bring your questions and your experiences to share in this roundtable discussion. Pagans are often really good at polyamory but everyone has more to learn and we all benefit from sharing community. This will be a roundtable discussion open to all, regardless of poly background, where we can share poly experiences and how our religious paths support our lovestyles. Rayna Templebee and Canu
Protected, Together: Alliances & Cooperative Resolutions for Surviving This Apocalypse [PANEL DISCUSSION] A moderated-panel-discussion focusing on the importance of establishing clear understandings of the dynamics of support-and-change-oriented cooperative-resolutions and collaborative-advocacy. Human-rights are for everyone... not just those in power. It is more important than ever to understand the mechanics of oppression/disempowerment/dehumanization, and of hope. The diversity within our communities is our strongest attribute, and we must begin to see one-another more fully, as well as ourselves.In alliance-and-good-faith we do not lose that which makes us unique; we ensure that there is a place for everybody in our world. This panel will address the mechanics of collaboration/alliance, and recognition of the fundamentals of human rights discourse.Our panelists will draw from their intersectional experience, including issues of race; cultural-identity/appropriation; protections/privilege; theistic, sexual, and gender orientation; mental/physical health, neurodiversity, and the need to dismantle false-binaries and the fallacies of reductionism, establishing the groundwork for firm-footing and collaboration for strong and proudly diverse tomorrow. Anomalous Thracian and Panelists: Heather Green, Katelyn Willis, Chiron Armand, Jameson Hoscyns, Clio Ajana
Reconstructionism for Dummies: an intro and how-to guide to the methodology of Pagan Reconstructionism. Have you ever heard the term Reconstructionsim and wondered what it meant? Are you curious about what it is, why people do it, or how to begin? This workshop is designed to walk you through the mindset and methodology of Reconstructionism and how it is applied to modern pagan religion. Beofeld and Ryan Denison
Sacred Bondage Utilizing Rope, we explore the potential in bondage when combined with greater consciousness, to create deeper connections to our inner self. Promoting healing and encouraging peace, the act of self binding or partnered bondage offers a unique meditative experience. Hanks of Rope will be available for Borrowing for those that wish to try a guided placement and meditation. [NOTE: THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR REGISTERED ATTENDEES AGED 18+] Miss DC
Salt of the Earth In this workshop we discuss one of the most basic and essential of all magical tools: salt, yet, one of the most under appreciated. A preservative, a source of life, a driving force in exploration. The salt of our sweat, our tears, the saline of our blood, this essential mineral is a raw espression of the sum total of our humanity. In this workshop I will present a variety of tasting samples of salts from the world over and discuss how the use of unique salts can enhance and expand our magical workings. Mortellus
Scrying in the Wool: The Mis-Representation on Spinning and Weaving in Literature Spinning and weaving frequently accompany women and magical characters in literature and fairy tales. They are the portals to knowledge and secrets. While they possess the power to see into the wool, their powers are diminished through patriarchal society. This workshop will focus on breaking societal norms that treat spinning and weaving as an act of necessity. We will work with spinning on both drop spindles and spinning wheels to experience the act of scrying into the wool. Additionally, we will discuss the instances in literature and fairy tales where the characters had their powers diminished by the ruling class. I will provide spinning wheels, drop spindles, and a rigid heddle loom to experience the magical act of working with wool. Sekhti
Seeking the Daughters of Flidais Flidais is a somewhat obscure Irish goddess, but most of her children are even more shrouded in mystery. The sorceresses Be Chuille and Dinand have several appearances in lore, as do Fand and Li Ban, but Ardoen and Be Teite are named only briefly. My workshop starts with an overview of what do know from lore about Flidais and her daughters. We’ll build off of known lore into speculation, including possible name etymologies and family trees for this group of six goddesses. Next, I share my own UPG and experiences working with these goddesses, and discuss ways to build relationships with obscure deities in general. The third part of my workshop is a guided pathworking that leads participants to meet one (or more) of these goddesses in order to start a relationship and open the door for ongoing work. I am excited to help new people engage with these goddesses! Aleja Nic Bhe Chuille
Self-care for Priests and Other Pagan Leaders Priesthood is a noble calling. We serve our Gods, our traditions, and our communities -- sometimes at the expense of our own well-being. But who cares for us?

This workshop will cover techniques of self-care as well as other resources we can draw on in times of need. It is presented in the context of priests and priestesses serving in polytheist traditions, but it is appropriate for anyone in a position of spiritual and community leadership.
John Beckett
Shamanic Breathwork We will create a sacred ritual space by invoking protective, guarding and healing spirits and deities. We will use a vigorous circular breathing technique and evocative music to facilitate: connection to spirits and deities; inner shadow work; visions; underworld and overworld journeys; emotional release; inner and outer healing; and awareness of our bodies as sacred vessels and conduits for the divine! Each of us will have a particular experience within sacred community that can range from interesting, to helpful, to provocative, to profound! We will close the ceremony appropriately grounding and devoking. Physically anyone can participate by modifying the rate of breathing and the technique. Those who are dealing with heart problems, have difficulty breathing, or are pregnant are encouraged to do the gentler version. I also encourage those who are prone to hallucinating or having delusions to consult with their health care provider prior to participating. Follow-up self-care instruction sheets with my cell number will be distributed. People will need a sheet, blanket or jacket unless the room is overly warm because some participants may experience chilliness. Daniel Bailey, assisted by Sherree Bailey and Sue Tumbleweed
Shamanism, Cosmic Consciousness and the Star Being Connection Join shamanic practitioner Roger Lockshier for an exploration into our current expanding Cosmic Consciousness and the connection with Star Being contact, nature centric spirituality and shamanic traditions from around the world. Roger will share his personal accounts of Star Being contact, messages received, and insights into the relationship between shamanic practice, Cosmic Consciousness, and the future of our planet and civilization as we move through this time of Spiritual Evolution and Awakening. Roger is an internationally recognized shaman, healer and ritualist with over 25 years of experience devoted to nature focused spirituality, sacred ceremony, and a variety of esoteric, mystical and magickal traditions. Roger Lockshier
The Signs: 12 Styles Of Consciousness The 12 signs of The Zodiac represent the forms of human wisdom and folly. Whether or not you know much about the sacred science of Astrology, this workshop will give you the tools to use these 12 styles of consciousness to further your spiritual and emotional development.We will also touch upon the Signs as powerful beings that can be called upon for guidance. Ivo Dominguez Jr
Spiritual Decluttering 2.0 One of the latest trends in 2019 has been the KonMari method. Is it possible to KonMari one's spiritual life? As we look at what matters to us during this dark half of the year, how can we find what sparks joy for us on a spiritual level? Is it possible to divest too much? In Spiritual Decluttering 2.0, we look at how the stuck areas in our lives can be removed safely and with joy. Whether you are a solitary practitioner or have been with the same group for years, we pause to look at our voices, our authentic selves, and our responses to our community and world. In this hands-on workshop, we will address you will gain insight into additional methods of Spiritual Decluttering using your own tradition or path, how to keep track of your decluttering journey, and how to address when enough is "enough". Clio Ajana
Storied Devotion & Devotion to Stories: Discerning Religion from Mythology [PANEL DISCUSSION] Mythologies left to us through the centuries make up some of the most familiar and beloved stories of our world. As many of our most recognized myths draw upon themes from religion, cosmology, and theology, it is easy for us to confuse "mythic stories", an expression of literature, with "religious stories", intentionally devotional or inspired expressions of a given religious identity. These distinctions are often lost upon us in our 21st-Century culture, which has been gradually secularized and anthropocentricised for hundreds of years, and so it becomes important to set time aside to explore the discipline of seeing and appreciating each of these for what it is. Most religions draw from religious stories in some way, and many mythologies are inspired by the religions of their culture or time, but most of what we classify as "mythology" today was intended for popular poetic (literary) appreciation at the time, quite distinct from the religious corpus of ritual and oral tradition which it may well have drawn on. Whether appreciating these literary myths of old as a lover of inspiring stories, or practicing religions from which they were drawn, (or are today drawn from), this process of discernment has a place for everybody. Ryan Dennison, Anomalous Thracian, and Jameson Hoscyns
Stories from the Stars: Myths to Modern Many cultures have stories that revolved around the constellations. There are some interesting overlaps between some of these stories but also interesting is the "modern stories" that science is able to tell of the gloriously beautiful deep sky objects within these constellations or the story of the birth life and death of the various stars within these constellations Debra Burris
Surviving and Thriving as Pagan, Heathen, or Polytheist in a Christian Society Odds are if you are Southern Pagan, Heathen, or Polytheist, you have lived or do live in a primary monotheist or Christian community. Were you raised Christian? Do you hide your Pagan/Heathen/Polytheist identity in plain sight? Often we we are converts, so how do you manage family dinners when your beliefs are different from your family of origin?Are you married to a Christian? Are you raising Pagan/Heathen/Polytheist kids in a monotheist, primarily Christian environment? What about the workplace? If you check "X" to any of these boxes, then this workshop is for you. Anyone who lives as a Pagan/Heathen/Polytheist, or any non-monotheist has to learn certain techniques to survive at home, at work, and in the world. In this workshop, we look at how to survive and even thrive in a world that is often not welcoming. Come join us! Clio Ajana
Symbols of Desire   Sigils are intimate symbols created for arcane and metaphysical purposes.They are powerful tools that can be drawn or written, and they can help unlock the potential of yourself and of the universe. They are primordial intentions implemented for thousands of years, linking them to the oldest and most arcane forms of Magick. They represent the pieces of a key, or, the fragments of a combination. The particular intention represents the parameters, what you desire represents the locked door, the sigil represents the pieces or components of the combination. Learn the origins of sigil magick, their creation, activation, and practical applications of sigils and their primordial power through this informative workshop. Cody Scaroborough
A Talk With Our Ancestors Ancestry and heritage play an intimate and important role in our daily lives and interrelations. This workshop will ask our ancestors to help us discuss our cultural, racial, ethnic, and spiritual heritage with an emphasis on helping us understand diversity, respect, and community. We’ll ask our ancestors and each other for guidance in creating better ritual and community spaces and how understanding our ancestry can lead to less fragmented or appropriative practices, develop more respectful diversity in spiritual work, and help address ancestral trauma. Canu
Tarot for Transformation: Reclaiming Our Stories with the Arcana The Tarot provides powerful allegorical and archetypal images that can be used for personal transformation and manifestation. This workshop is an invitation to discuss the power of these images to claim, change, and transform old stories in order to envision the future. This is an opportunity to explore the Major and Minor Arcanas as tools to create new personal narratives. Partnering intuition, creativity, and the power of the Cards, a new story can be told that speaks to healing, transformation, and wholeness. Heather Gaffney-Darnell
Tips on Running a Men's Circle As an intersex person who is biologically both sexes, David's had the privilege of facilitating and participating in both women's and men's groups. Their men's circle in Pittsburgh has been copied in five other states and by many practitioners because of it's effectiveness, impact, order, and inclusiveness. Want to run a men's group? Come hear some pointers, how and why men's and women's groups need to be different, and how unexpected challenges have been overcome. Come share in discussion and learn from our experience! David Laughing Crow and Amy Lohr, LCSW
trans // magic This is a workshop for trans, nonbinary, Two Spirit, and gender variant people to come together and share the ways that magic & ritual help our community heal, survive and thrive in a hostile world. This will be a facilitated sharing circle, in which we will all have a chance to share our own practices and special queer magic. In coming together and sharing our powerful magic with each other in sacred safe(r) space, we will learn new ways of stepping into our power in an affirming environment; hopefully we will all leave strengthened by the gifts we shared with each other. Please feel welcome to bring items for our collective altar to our queerkin and transcestors, as well as any notes on rituals, songs, resource ideas, or other magic that you want to gift your community. rowan walker
Understanding Soul Loss Soul Loss is a concept common to most ethnic and tribal cultures. But what is Soul Loss? Esoteric teachings agree that Soul Loss is a tangible condition with identifiable symptoms. It can lead to severe, if not fatal, consequences if left unattended. Addiction, depression and trauma are both triggers and symptoms. But there is another group who is considered to be especially at risk -those who are on the border between worlds. Those who have dealings in magic, with the spirit realm and are attuned to the unseen. In this workshop, we will draw from western cultural traditions to explain in esoteric terms what is happening when somebody is experiencing Soul Loss and why; including methods of protection and remediation used by magicians. Gwenlian and Llevin Ithon
Vamachara: Left Hand Attainment In this slide-based lecture, we will digest a broad overview of the "left hand path" and its Gods, prophets, origins, and evolution. We will begin in antiquity, focusing on such variances as Hindu "Vamachara" and Persian "Daeva Yasna", but will focus on more modern developments as the lecture progresses. Contrary to popular opinion, left-hand Magick isn’t all about hexes and curses. Close examination of the texts and traditions reveal a much more complex system of self-attainment, rooted in some of the earliest modes of religious thought. Instead of "thy will be done", the left hand mystic says "MY will be done", and dares to cross the boundaries that are hallowed by the righteous. Though heterodox in nature, no magical understanding is complete without at least a foundational mapping of the Crooked Path. Frater Nephilimius and Joseph Bennefield
What is the Wheel to You? [PANEL DISCUSSION] One of the first things many of us incorporate into our pagan practice is observing the Wheel of the Year, often beginning with Samhain and moving through the various Sabbats. But often due to geography, personal practice or chosen lifestyle, this organization doesn’t seem to be suitable. What does the Wheel of the Year mean to you? How do you view the evolution of the “year” in your personal practice? Maybe you live somewhere that seasons don’t have stark contrast or maybe you view seasons differently because of your vocation or tradition. Our panel will share their personal views on how they incorporate the Wheel of the Year in their practices, adjusting for how the Year progresses where they live. Plus I’m sure Louis will talk about chickens… Debra Burris, Alpandia, Louis Garou
Your Magical Journal Do you have beautiful blank book on your shelf that you’re afraid to write in because you think you might ruin it? Have you never started a personal book of shadows because you want to make sure you get things just right? Do you start a new book every few months because you just can’t commit? In this workshop, we reconsider the purpose of a book of shadows or magical journal. We discuss strategies for inspiring more writing, consistent record keeping, and creativity in your personal magical books. Thorn Mooney
Your Sacred Death Rite This workshop aims to encourage folks to think about their own funeral and what it should look like. Death is our "final" rite of passage in this life and we should have the rite of passage of our dreams. What music do you want played? Who do you want to lead the rite? What do you want to wear? We will cover all aspects of the funerary rite and at the end of the workshop, each individual will have a skeletal outline of what their own funerary rite will look like. Angela Kunschmann
Yule in July I'm always surprised by how many Pagans celebrate the Christian holiday of Christmas. Sometimes it might be a compromise with non-Pagan family members, but other times, it might be because they don't know how to celebrate Yule beyond one big ritual. In this workshop we will discuss the entire season of Yule and participants will learn about Yule traditions and activities aside from the main ritual. They will also be empowered to claim their own traditions and create new ones. Happy Yule! Aline Harris

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