Mystic South 2019 Resources

There were so many workshops at Mystic South 2019, with so much information! Several presenters have made their handouts, power points, and other media available for you. Click the links below to download or review the content.

Note: Mystic South Conference is not responsible for the content of the material, nor responsible for any issues that may arise from the downloading or review of this content.

Your Sacred Death Rite Angela Kunschmann Word DOC
No More CHUR-le Heron Michelle PDF
Magical Self Defense Patti Wigington PDF
Money Magic Patti Wigington & Angela Kunschmann PDF
Modern Minoan Paganism Laura Perry YouTube Video
Reconstructionism 101 Joseph Beofeld & Ryan Dennison YouTube Video
Connecting to the Land Where you Are John Beckett Summary
Improving Group Meditations Michael Rollins Summary
Seeking the Daughters of Flidais Aleja Nic Bhe Chuille Handouts & Info
Lunar Witchcraft Heron Michelle Summary
2017 & 2018 Workshop files and videos Archonstone Archonstone's Site