Panels for 2019


In addition to workshops, Headliner workshops, rituals, and PAPERS presentations, Mystic South will also feature a series of panel discussions. Each is facilitated by one or more individuals knowledgeable on the topic. Your registration grants you access to each one! The following panels are confirmed for Mystic South 2019.

Protected Together: Alliances & Cooperative Resolutions for Surviving this Apocalypse

Moderated by: Thrax
Panelists: Heather Greene, Katelyn Willis, Chiron Armond, James Hosyns, Clio Ajana
Topic: A moderated panel discussion focusing on the importance of establishing clear understandings of the dynamics of support-and-change-oriented cooperative-resolutions and collaborative-advocacy. Human-rights are for everyone… not just those in power. This panel will address the mechanics of collaboration/alliance, and recognition of the fundamentals of human rights discourse. Our panelists will draw from their intersectional experience, including issues of race; cultural-identity/appropriation; protections/privilege; theistic, sexual, and gender orientation; mental/physical health, neurodiversity, and the need to dismantle false-binaries and the fallacies of reductionism, establishing the firm-footing and collaboration for a strong and proudly diverse tomorrow.

The Importance of Pagan Journalism

Moderated by: Star Bustamonte
Panelists: Manny Tejeda-Moreno (TWH Editor), Jake Leibowitz (TWH News Writer), Rick de Yampert (TWH Writer and contributor), Clio Ajana (TWH Columnist), Stacy Psaros (TWH Social Media)
Topic: A discussion on the relevance of Pagan journalism as an important community resource to be preserved. Pagan journalism allows for the dissemination of information but more importantly support the fourth and fifth estate functions.


Moderated by: Debra Burris
Panelists: Alpandia
Topic: Craftivism is a form of activisim, typically incorporating elements of anti-capitalism, environmentalism, solidarity, or third-wave feminism that is centered on the practices of craft – or what can traditionally be referred to as “domestic arts”. Our panelists will discuss how to voice opinions through creativity. Together we can change the world – one thread of yarn at a time.

Dancing the Wheel Where You Live

Moderated by: Debra Burris
Panelists: Alpandia, Louis Garu
Topic: It can be a challenge to celebrate the “traditional” Wheel of the Year when the weather does not cooperate. Three witches will discuss how they incorporate the seasonal changes in their own Southern practices.