Workshop Application

Thank you for your interest in presenting a workshop, presentation, ritual, or other working at Mystic South 2020! Our application process is open through March 1, 2020. No submissions will be accepted for consideration beyond this date.

Our workshop coordinator will notify each applicant of the approval status by April 1, 2020.

We will have a dedicated space for rituals, and we even have a space for physical workshops, such as Yoga, Belly Dance, or other activities that may benefit from being outside a traditional “workshop room”.

Workshop applications will be processed in the order they are received. While we are primarily looking for workshops offered by southern Pagans and/or on southern Topics, we are also interested in workshops that address other needs of the Pagan, Wiccan, Heathen and larger polytheistic community.

All workshops will be one hour in length. All workshops are open to all attendees regardless of race, sexuality, gender identity, tradition, etc. Mystic South may elect to restrict participation in some workshops to attendees 18 years of age or older based on the nature of the workshop.

PLEASE SUBMIT ONE WORKSHOP PER FORM. If you wish to submit multiple workshops, please submit them individually. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your workshop submission.

The workshop title and abstract are what we will use on our website and in our conference material. Please be sure to provide a title and description that can be used to both evaluate what you would like to present as well as can be used in that fashion. We reserve the right to edit your description as needed for our public platforms.

PLEASE NOTE: If accepted, you will receive one (1) personal free weekend admission to Mystic South with up to one (1) additional free weekend admission for a specific named individual whose assistance you require to put on your workshop. These conference badges are non-transferable. ID’s will be checked at the door.

This applies to any multi-person offering, including Panels, Rituals, etc.

In addition, free admission badges do not accrue. For example, both vending and presenting earn you a personal free weekend pass to the conference. If you are a vendor who is also presenting, you will not receive two personal free admission badges, one for each activity. You will receive one, as they do not accrue and are non-transferable. However, the additional badges for assistance in both areas remain the same and are independent of each other.

NOTE: No workshop applications will be accepted for Mystic South 2020 after March 1, 2020 @ 11:59pm Eastern Time. Any workshops submitted after that date will be considered for Mystic South 2021.