Perform at Mystic South 2022

Are you a single performer, or group, who would like to take the stage and perform a short set at Mystic South 2022??

Complete the form below to be considered for one of our limited performance spots throughout the weekend.

Tech support is being graciously supplied by Tuatha Dea. There is limited equipment resources, so please indicate in the form below what you might need and what you are bringing.

Members of Tuatha Dea will be on hand to assist and facilitate your performance, and the space is moderated by Tuatha Dea.

PLEASE NOTE: barring the unforeseen, we will NOT BE operating on Pagan Standard Time. Each applicant will have a time slot appointed to them, and a designated sound set-up and checking time. If you miss your allotted time without reason, you forfeit your spot. We recommend that, if selected, you check in ahead of time with Tuatha Dea in the performance room ahead of your performance time.