Psychic Services Available at Mystic South

We’re pleased to announce that our divination room is back for 2024! Review the array of psychic services offered by members of the MSC community. Use the links below to sign-up for your timeslot with each reader!


Atalanta has been practicing divination for 30 years, focusing on Throwing Bones. She is a presenter and vendor at Mystic South this year, and author of “Throwing the Bones, Divination for the Modern Practitioner”. She connects to the Ancestors, receiving information to guide you on present and future events as well as answer questions you may have. Multiple throws will be used during your time allotted. She is presenting “Bone Magick” on Saturday at MSC24.

Dee Norman

Dee Norman is a Tarot and Oracle Card reader. She is the author of “Burn a Black Candle: An Italian American Grimoire”, and creator of the Emblemata Lenormand Oracle. She has offered professional, insightful readings since 1994. She loves facilitating clients’ explorations of their futures with custom tailored readings filled with revelations and humor. She will be offering “Pen and Paper Magick” workshop on Saturday at MSC24.

Edge of Perception

The Edge of Perception is a collective dedicated to the advancement of personal growth and spirituality through seasonal celebrations, ceremonies, blessings, trance work & meditation, Reiki and readings (Astrology, Tarot, Runes, etc.), workshops and events. Recently we have evolved to include Writing Projects – our upcoming anthology of fiction is “Mystical Memoirs, Beyond Belief Experiences”, a collection of non-fiction true stories, and “Portals”, a fiction collection due to start late September. For more information, check out our website. Reiki, Tarot, and Vendors and workshop presenters for the weekend: Terri Woodliff, Michelle Angone, Phina Dowda, Amanda Cornett, Bev, and Ruth Souther. Various members of the Perception are offering workshops and rituals. Ruth: “We are our own Ancestors” and “Past Life Regression”, she and Terran (Terri( are offering the ritual “Invoke the Muse and Reclaim Creativity”. Terran is offering “Goddess Moving Meditation – Design your own Personal Daily Practice.” Michelle is offering “Bowls of Intent: Spiraling into Babylon”. Phina is offering “Divinity and Queerness”. Amanda is offering “Perfection of Chaos: A Sacred Wounding Workshop.” Bev is offering “Croning Ceremony”.

Rosemary Kimble

Rosemary aka Bird Woman was born an artist with a penchant for metaphysical and healing arts. She is an Animal Communicator, Psychic-Medium, Ceremonial Leader, and a Death Doula. She will be offering animal communication sessions in the Divination Room. Like humans, animals have self-awareness. They have emotions and belief systems, can feel and think, and have the ability to communicate telepathically. Rosemary is able to communicate with both living and deceased animals. While it is helpful for her to have a photograph of the animal companion it is not absolutely necessary. You can learn more about her work and spiritual path by visiting her website. Her workshop at MSC24 is “Intro to Animal Communications” on Sunday.

Meri Doty

Rev. Meri, ordained as a Pagan Minister since 2017, is a lifelong Pagan. I began my journey as a teen and came into my strength later in life. My educational offerings began in 2016 with Pagan Potluck Sabbat teachings (8 times a year) geared to non-pagans sponsored by the Awakening Spiritual Community in San Antonio, TX. That blossomed into a 6-week Paganism 101 class offered bi-annually from 2018-2020, also in San Antonio. Since moving to Charlotte in 2021, I started a Monthly Pagan Day out social meetup, spent over a year sitt8ing at Teacher Table for a weekly Tarot event, and offer individual mentoring for Pagans and Witches. I am an educator and guide for new seekers and those who have traveled the Paths of Paganism for years. I also read Tarot for clients and private events.

What is a Spiritual Advisor? Someone who is walking a similar path but is further along (and has already learned from mistakes along the way). I offer guidance, direction, and suggestions as well as acting as a mirror for you to discern your own path. Mainly, I listen. I ask questions. I offer spiritual resources such as texts, readings, and divination. I offer and teach spiritual practices to support your journey (breathing, meditation, spell work, deity work). Each session concludes with a Custom Spell/Mojo pouch and a 30 day Use guide. What I DON’T do is evaluate, diagnose, or treat mental or physical health and well-being. My workshop at MSC24 is “Daily Magicks” on Saturday.

Jennifer Fanning

I’m the founder and director at Edgy Zen Spa in Washington, DC. The magic of the body, energy, structure, and techniques are my jam both in person and in distance healing sessions! I teach yoga and would love to share shamanic healing, energy medicine, and other modalities with you. For more information please see my website. At Mystic South, I am offering standing massage and body energy work. Both options are clothed; the energy work is laying on a massage table. My session at MSC24 is “Accessing the 3 Main Cauldrons: a daily ritual to employing the seven qualities of touch that support the Energetics of the 7+4 main chakras” on Friday.

Ruby Mongno

A poet and professor, Ruby has been reading from the Rider-Waite tradition for over thirty years. For the past five, she has been presenting academically on the tarot, the nuances of their signs and symbols. She works both in person and online, and did international workshops for the Popular Culture Association during the pandemic. Based in Little Rock, Ruby does yoga and tarot workshops as well, and has a thriving, community-based yoga practice there. She teaches tarot online, with upcoming classes this fall on the Grateful Dead tarot (Weldon Owen, September 2024). She enjoys connecting the cards to music, and has built playlists for each suit as a mnemonic learning tool. After Mystic South, she is facilitating a Lion’s Gate spiritual retreat for women atop Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas. Her talk, an academic paper “The Collective Unconscious: An Analysis of Tarot Symbolism and History” is on Saturday.