Mystic South Policy Agreements

All attendees must read, understand and accept the following Mystic South rules and policies.

Registration, Badges, and Fees

No one will be admitted to the conference without a full registration and an approved badge. Payments for all advance registrations must be received prior to the conference. Onsite badges must be paid in full at the time of arrival. Please note that day passes will be available each morning, Friday through Sunday. Full conference badges will only be available on site Thursday evening and Friday morning.

Full refunds will be available through Dec 31, 2018. Partial refunds 70% will be available only through April 30, 2019. No refunds will be issues after May 1, 2019. All refunds will be done via PayPal only.

Consent Culture

Mystic South does not condone any form of abuse – physical or otherwise. Attendees, staff and volunteers should be conscious and respectful of personal boundaries at all times. Mystic South organizers and Board take all complaints and issues of abuse very seriously and will respond to any reports immediately. If you are having a problem with a particular individual, please inform the Mystic South staff and/or hotel security member immediately. We want the Mystic South Conference to be a safe, fun and productive environment for everyone.

Please note that consent includes photography and recordings. Do not take a photograph or video recording for any use, private or public, of any individual without their express permission. This includes all staff, volunteers, presenters and performers.


Mystic South is strongly committed to sponsoring an event that reflects and embraces the diversity of peoples and of religious practices, both past and present, that make-up our region and beyond. We hope our deep commitment to diversity will be found in the presentations and workshops at the conference, as well as in the faces, voices and spirits of all those that to build and help support this mission. Just as the land of the Southeast is rich and variable, we are also as a people. We welcome all. If any point, you should feel unsafe or abused within this framework, please contact Mystic South organizers and/or hotel security immediately.


Mystic South organizers love children. However, Mystic South will not be providing child care for its conference, and we will be adhering to hotel policy with regard to supervision. Children 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult to enter any conference areas (workshops, PAPERS, rituals, entertainment, etc).  Children under 14 will not be permitted to enter the conference area. If you are bringing a child, please prepare appropriate supervision prior to arrival.

Programming specifically for adults (ages 18 and over) or for young-adults (ages 16-18) will be designated as such.


Mystic South will maintain a lost and found within its operations room, and will assist in involving hotel security or the authorities if something is stolen within the conference spaces. However, it is each individual’s responsibility to maintain control of their personal belongings throughout the weekend, whether in conference or public spaces. Mystic South cannot be held liable for the loss or damage of personal property.


Mystic South defers to hotel policy with regard to all weapons on site. Please be aware that many of the hotel staff are unfamiliar with ritual blades. Mystic South asks that you either leave them at home, or carry them discreetly in all public spaces.

Drugs and Alcohol

Mystic South does not condone the use or abuse of illicit drugs or the sale of alcohol to those under 21. We defer to all hotel policy with regard to any such reports.

Nudity, Candles, and Drumming

We’re in a public venue and will abide by the rules of the facility. Sky clad, or any appearance that could be considered legally indecent, is not acceptable in the hotel’s public spaces or any of the designated Mystic South conference spaces.

However, costumes with some exposure, such as belly dance costumes and the like, are permitted within our conference spaces.

Candle burning is not permitted in any conference spaces.

Drumming is permitted in all conference spaces.


Mystic South has coordinated with the hotel for internet access to be available in all conference spaces and in private guest rooms and suites rented with our specially assigned hotel code. Internet service is also available in the hotel lobby and other public hotel spaces.

Private Rooms

Mystic South and its management team cannot held responsible for any violations, criminal acts or thefts, which occur within private guest rooms or suites. Individuals and Individual groups accept full responsibility for any privately rented spaces.

If violations or abuses occur within these spaces, the Mystic South team will help to contact the hotel security or the authorities. Similarly, as a guest of the hotel, Mystic South and its management team cannot be held accountable for the acts, abuses or violations of policy within public hotel spaces.

Individuals or Individual groups are fully responsible for making their own travel, room reservations, hotel payments and room charges, and requesting any changes or dealing with any complaints regarding private guest rooms.