Mystic South Conference Resources

There were so many workshops at Mystic South, with so much information! Several presenters have made their handouts, power points, and other media available for you. Click the links below to download or review the content.

Note: Mystic South Conference is not responsible for the content of the material, nor responsible for any issues that may arise from the downloading or review of this content.

2023 Workshop Resources

Auspicious TimingHeron MichelleYoutube Link
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Reimagining Gender Polarity in the Gardnerian Tradition of WitchcraftPolly SpringhornFull PAPER (PDF)
Presentation Slides (PDF)
How do to Ancient Greek DivinationJohn Opsopaus, PhDPresentation Slides (PDF)
Greek Alphabet Oracle Pocket Guide (PDF)
Astagalomanteion Handbook (PDF)
How to fold the Pocket Guide (PDF)
Religio Romana DemystifiedP. Aurelius BarbatusPresentation Slides (PDF)
Ariadne's Tribe Family of DeitiesLaura PerryPresentation Slides (PDF)
Disappearing Goddesses: Frigg and Her CourtJennifer DodsonPresentation Slides (PDF)
Numerology 201Clio AjanaPresentation Overview (PDF)
In-Class Working (PDF)
Earth DanceTerri WoodliffPresentation Overview (PDF)
Discernment with the Three CauldronsRobert Patrick, M. Div, PhDSlide Presentation & workshop script
Manifest with the MoonImber TylerPresentation Booklet (PDF)
Virtual Class (external link)
Death Priestxing: Tending the Threshold of TransitionJamie Michelle WaggonerDeath Priestxing Slides (PDF)
Death Priestxing Workshop Notes (PDF)
Symbolic Rite of Good Death (PDF)
Spiritual Protection: More than Meets the EyeDee NormanPresentation Slides (PDF)
Drumming Outside the FoursJulia Benson-SlaughterPresentation Writeup (PDF)
Chaos Rocks: Lithomantic Diviniation from a Chaos Magic PerspectiveThumper ForgePresentation Slides (PDF)
Reviving LokiOcean KeltoiPresentation Slides (PDF)
Paper (PDF)
Youtube Channel
The Hero's Journey and the Major Arcana of the TarotErich BrownYoutube - Part 1: Departure and Initiation
Youtube - Part 2: Cosmogenic Cycle and the Return Journey
Paper (PDF)
How Science and Witchcraft Affirm One AnotherAnjel & EnkuPresentation Slides (PDF)
Video of Presentation (Patreon membership required)
Making Space for Pagan and Heathen KidsLinsey Addington and Jennifer DodsonPresentation Slides (PDF)
Digging Deep: The Science Behind Your Favorite StonesDebra Burris, PhDPresentation Slides (PDF)
Solar Eclipse: Science, Mythology, and HistoryDebra Burris, PhDPresentation Slides (PDF)
The Magick of AbsolutesDave GaddyWorkshop Overview (PDF)
Meeting Your Ancestors Where You AreDave GaddyWorkshop Overview (PDF)
Into the Hollow Hills: Meeting Irish Fairy QueensAlexandra Nic Bhé ChuilleWorkshop Overview (PDF)
Shadow 101 Workshop: Getting Comfortable with Being UncomfortableBeverly C & Ivy AnnWorkshop Overview (PDF)

2022 Workshop Resources

Who is Hermes Trismegistus?Heron MichellePDF
Solar FeminineKate StockmanYoutube Video
Jewel of PowerHeron MichellePDF
Reconciling Divine ParadoxHeron MichellePDF
Tarot Spell BasicsLisa MaddryKeywords PDF
Basics Notes PDF
The Magic of SaltJanine NelsonWord DOC
Inclusive Pagan CommunitiesBev CallahanPDF
YouTube of Workshop
Justifying the Modern Practice of Reciprocity with HelOcean KeltoiPAPERS PDF
Presentation Slides (PDF)

2019 Workshop Resources

Your Sacred Death RiteAngela KunschmannWord DOC
No More CHUR-leHeron MichellePDF
Magical Self DefensePatti WigingtonPDF
Money MagicPatti Wigington & Angela KunschmannPDF
Modern Minoan PaganismLaura PerryYouTube Video
Reconstructionism 101Joseph Beofeld & Ryan DennisonYouTube Video
Connecting to the Land Where you AreJohn BeckettSummary
Improving Group MeditationsMichael RollinsSummary
Seeking the Daughters of FlidaisAleja Nic Bhe ChuilleHandouts & Info
Lunar WitchcraftHeron MichelleSummary
2017 & 2018 Workshop files and videosArchonstoneArchonstone's Site