We are excited to announce that our featured guests include Dorothy Morrison, Katrina Messenger, Orion Foxwood, and Byron Ballard.  Our featured performer is Tuatha Dea. Click here for more information on each of our guests.

Check back for more announcements on scheduling and the announcement of our featured ritualist.

The co-chairs for the Polytheist and Pagan Education Research Symposium (PAPERS) have announced their selections for the academic track 2017. Click here for the list and more information.

Want to present?

We are interested in presentations that are reflective of the specific issues affecting southern Pagans, as well as the  mysticism and magical practices found in this part of the country.

However, we are also interested in presentations that tackle larger concerns affecting our collective communities or that share the diversity of practice and culture within our mystical worlds.


Non-Academic  Presenters: We are looking for a range of presentations that reflect the practice of Pagan, Heathen, polytheist and other minority religious traditions in the Southeast and beyond. Panels, lectures, hands-on workshops, performances and rituals will be considered.  Use this application

Academic Presenters: Welcome to The Polytheist and Pagan Educational Research Symposium (PAPERS).  Submission are no longer being accepted for the summer 2017 event. We will start accepting submissions again in fall 2017 for our summer 2018 conference.


  • The deadline for non-academic submission will be March 1, 2017. Decisions will be made and presenters informed by Apr 2, 2017.

Other Notes

  • All presenters, academic or not, will receive a free entry into the entire conference.
  • All presenters must also complete the general registration form.