Staying Nourished

One of the reasons that we picked this particular hotel was its location. It is situated in a live-work-play area with many workable options for dining (and shopping if that is your thing). Here are some highlights.

MSC regulars: There have been changes to the hotel’s internal food options. Please be aware.

Hotel Dining:

1. Parkwoods restaurant. This is the hotel’s restaurant on the terrace level. It is now ONLY open for Breakfast and Dinner. This year the hotel will be offering both menu and buffet options Friday-Sunday to accommodate our large crowd.

2. Cash Breakfast/Lunch. The main floor café is closed. However, they will be offering cash breakfast and lunch options at this location Friday-Sunday also to accommodate our group. (Yes, this will include coffee and I’ve asked them to ensure there are veggie and vegan options in the food selections.)

3. Parkwoods Bar. The bar at the restaurant will also have grab and go coffee/tea, and of course adult beverages open until 11 or midnight. I don’t have the close time yet. Just a reminder, you can get a lovely glass of Merlot from the bar and take it into our evening entertainment events, if you so desire.

4. There is no room service at this point. (Another covid casualty).  However, your rooms are equipped with mini fridges and coffee makers.

5. Convenience store. The big convenience store is gone. However, the small grab-and-go nook by the hotel counter is still there. It has snacks, drinks, essentials etc. 

Eating In:

Many folks like to have some nosh or full meals in their room.  I personally always have at least water and healthy snacks because stopping for a full meal is tough. If this is your gig, you can shuttle/uber/drive to one of the many local stores to stock up. There is a Publix, Costco, Super Target, Walmart all within 2 miles.  Remember, the shuttle will take you there, but will not pick you up (another covid casualty).

Eating Out:

The options are endless. 

1. Mall – If food courts are your thing, there is a mall right across the street. Panda Express anyone? One year, I had local family members tell me they spotted a group of people wearing witch hats crossing the street.  Yes, that was some of our attendees going for dinner. The mall also has several good restaurants from Maggiano’s to the lovely Seasons 52.

2. Fast Food – There is a McDonald’s down the street. Further away you have the likes of Zoe’s Kitchen, Chipotle, and much much more.

3. Heels and Bow Ties – You want something a bit fancier, you don’t need to go far. Ruscello, Capital Grille are right there.  

4. Chain Dining – The always popular and always crowded Cheesecake Factory is attached to the mall. There is also a Tin Lizzy’s, Cinco, Shake Shack and a number of other familiar, dependable chain restaurants.

5. Starbucks – There is an ever popular Starbucks right outside the hotel doors. Venti Soy Macchiatto anyone?

Basically, there is something for everyone, for any budget, schedule, diet or palette. Many of them are within a short walk away.

To get a look at the restaurant options in the area, do a Google search on the hotel itself or on Perimeter Mall. 

Remember, it is easy to skip meals when we are having so much fun, learning so much, and keeping busy.  But you must stop to eat, make it part of the experience. And most importantly, drink water…lots of water. There will be water stations everywhere with disposable cups, or use your own water bottle.

Eat, drink, and Be Merry.

TL;DR: Use a bit of common courtesy and consideration. Being prepared is the best way to avoid having to eat during sessions.

Yes, MSC is jammed packed with learning opportunities and fun. There are too many for us all to see every single one. It was designed this way.
But we all have to eat too. So plan out which events are the least interesting to you and eat your meals and do your meal hunting during those times. Planning ahead makes this easy. Ask any MSC staff member or the concierge for help.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to eat and drink plenty of water!