The Polytheist and Pagan Educational Symposium 2017

The Polytheist and Pagan Education Research Symposium (PAPERS) is proud to announce that it will be hosting work by the following presenters:

Jason Ezell
Heather Greene
Tom Nowlin,
Manny Tejeda
Alvilldr in f├Ągra
Humberto Perez
Amanda Lee
Byron Ballard.

Ryan Dension, co-chair of PAPERS said, “Being that this is our inaugural event, we were impressed by the submissions and the scope of the subject matter covered. It was difficult to select our finalists.”

The accepted presenters include Subjects range from the history of Radical Faeries and the practice of Heathenry in the Southern United States to the Yoruba origins of Hoodoo and the effects of digital technology on Neopagan practice. Ballard, who is one of Mystic South’s headliners, will be presenting her research on Appalachian folk magic for PAPERS as well as presenting for the general conference.

“Having a dedicated academic track within Mystic South is key to building an event that is comprehensive and multi-faceted. Our team was unified in wanting to support the community in practice, play, and in theory. The work by Pagans in academia is as vital as anything else we do,” explained Star Bustamonte, event coordinator for Mystic South.

PAPERS will be held within its own dedicated conference room.

A more complete list of the specific paper titles, as well as bios of presenters, will be added soon.  Stay Tuned.