Volunteer and Staff Definitions and Policy

Volunteers and staff both agree to abide by all rules and policies of the conference as outlined in the MSC Guidebook and on the registration form.

“Volunteers” are defined as those crew members who agree to work a limited number of hours in exchange for a reduced or comp’ed admission.

“Staff” consists of all board members and any volunteers who contribute an average of 8 hours per day for three (3) days during the conference, or who have contributed significantly to launching the event by taking on tasks that directly aid the production.

All Volunteers and Staff are eligible for a discounted registration. The fee scale is as follows:

  • 4 combined hours of on-site service – 20% off the admission price
  • 8 combined hours of on-site combined service – 50% off the admission price
  • 10 or more hours of on-site combined service – free admission

All volunteers will have access to the green room where there will be an all day beverage station and snacks

Room and Food

Volunteers and Staff are responsible for obtaining and paying for their own rooms and food. If the reservations and attendance allow, the Conference will pay for the rooms for the Board

Volunteer and Staff Expectations

Volunteers must show up for their work shifts on time and ready to work. Check-in will be in the green room. Missing a shift or not adhering to the rules and code of conduct can result in being removed from the volunteer list and being asked to pay the full conference admission price, or being removed from the conference.

Additional Note

Presenters will be granted free admission to the conference, but are also responsible for the cost of their rooms and incidentals, and travel.