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Faery Seership Breathwork
Presented by Canu
Wake up with attunement and alignment
Tai Chi
Presented by Byron Ballard
Start the day off right with some light tai chi.
Discovering elegua and santa muerte

Presented by Chaurice and Dion

We will discuss setting up an altar and honoring elegua and santa muerte in vodou and hoodoo practice.
Empathic Self-Defense

Presented by Eric Kenron

If you are an empath or a naturally sensitive person, you have probably felt overwhelmed by the emotions of others from time to time. This class will give you five strategies to help you transcend the stress of other people’s emotions in a sustainable way. This class is designed to give empaths and naturally sensitive people tested strategies to protect themselves against being overwhelmed by their sensitivity and by other people’s emotional energy. The class will cover energy shielding, breath work, meditations, psychological tactics and conversational tactics — all meant to help you avoid getting overwhelmed and to peacefully defend yourself against emotionally draining or overwhelming people, negative environments, and emotional onslaughts.
Ecstatic Trance Ritual Body Postures – Bear Pose for Healing

Presented by Cat & David Shepard

With this workshop, we are offering a unique opportunity to enter into an ecstatic trance ritual body posture for exploring the healing properties of the universally recognized Bear Pose.  We will begin with an introduction and explanation of this ancient shamanistic (possibly 35,000 years of practice according to anthropological research) technique, and how it has been used for exploring altered states of consciousness, safely and drug-free, in sacred space by our Ancestors.  At the center of this presentation is an opportunity to journey while holding the Great Bear Pose with Intention, accompanied by live music.  Afterwards, there will be time for sharing our journeys with the group (which provides deeper meaning for every participant), journaling and creativity, providing meaning and an immediate integration of the experience.  It has been proven that these practices provide many benefits including; enhanced cognitive functions, positive immune responses, reduced tension, release of anxiety, connection with nature, awaken creativity, among a plethora of others.
Energy accumulation, meditation and practice

Presented by Archonston, Ursa, and Bear

Whether it is Chi Gong, Nadi Yoga, Kriya or aligning with the elements there are basics for healthy accumulation of energy. Description of and comparison of ideas of Astral, Prana, Chi, spirit and other definitions, so that one can be aware of the practices in other cultures. How to actively meditate and focus on ones own energy, the value of centering first then clearing and grounding. How to breath to accumulate energy, Bell or 4 square breathing. How to do Dragon or Microcosmic Orbit breathing. How does this relate to chakras, and how it conditions your energy.

Drum Building, Maintenance, Repair and Drum Circle Etiquette

Presented by Tuatha Dea

This workshop is one of a kind. Members of Tuatha Dea having received Drum Building training and having worked through and for international importer/exporter “Djembe Drums and Skins” present a hands on experience and Build a Djembe from start to completion in class with assistance from participants. The workshop includes basic instruction regarding maintenance and repair and the nomenclature of the djembe. Discussion regarding Drum Circle etiquette is part of this workshop to make everyone’s future circle experiences more comfortable and comprehensive.
Speaking Blood and Fire: Verbal Charms in the South

Presented by Sara Amis

Talking out burns, stopping bleeding, and protection are all traditional uses of spoken charms which have been used for centuries and are still in use today, especially in the South. History (including documentation of Gaelic charms used in 18th century North Carolina), methods, and traditional sources; includes texts of some specific charms and how to apply them.
Working with Dark and Dangerous Gods

Presented by Stephanie Woodfield & Edward Rickey

Who are the dark gods and goddesses? How do we navigate building a relationship with them? How is working with them different than our work with other deities? We will be exploring whether or not the concept of dark deity is a modern one, along with some of the pitfalls and misconceptions surrounding spiritual work with these powerful gods.
Panel: Pagan Art, Media, and Vision

Presented by Dodie Graham McKay, Laura Tempest Zakroff

Themes of Occult, Magic and Witchcraft have always been present in media & art. More recently, actual practitioners have been coming out and communicating their own first-hand stories, music and visions to pagan communities, and on to the mainstream. This panel is comprised of magical practitioners from many paths and artistic disciplines, discussing the relevance and importance of authentic modern pagan perspectives in media and art. We will explore the need for accurate and open representations of our traditions and practices in the current political climate and how we can constructively accomplish this and support the individuals doing the work.


Presented by Dorothy Morrison

Finally:  a FUN discussion of do’s and don’ts for the Magical Realm. How much defense is too much? How much is too little? At what point does it become offense? What if I’m just trying to help? This workshop explores generally accepted as well as personal ethics as they apply to the use of Magical processes.  One note of caution—this workshop is an exercise in debate. No win scenarios are presented in order to stimulate serious thought, and in the end, send everyone in search of aspirin – or good whisky – to quell their headaches!  [I’d opt for the whisky if I were you.  :)]
Appalachian Ethnobotany: Magic Plants in the Mountain South

Presented by Rebecca Beyer

Appalachia is one of the most biodiverse regions in the United States. With that comes a rich history of folkloric uses of it’s plants and trees. We’ll examine and handle some of the most interesting specimens and learn of their edibility, medicinal qualities and the lore surrounding their magical applications.
Phases of Life: How to incorporate and facilitate in your community

Presented by Oreon Millard and Ian Allen

A hands-on workshop to delve into the Phases of Life for each participant and be given instruction on how to incorporate in your own community. Digging deeper past the Maiden/Mother/Crone archetype is the focus with an additional focus on how to develop the Male Mysteries.
Witchcraft, Women and the Politics of Power: The Dangerous World of Knowing Too Much

Presented by Heather Greene

Witchcraft is used as both a tool of empowerment and oppression for women around the world.

Willful Bane: the History, Techniques and Ethics of Hexing

Presented by Byron Ballard

Willful Bane is about the ethics of banework, the history of it in Appalachian folk magic, plus lots of practical experience that includes dollies, sachets, vinegar, chicken feet, marshmallows etc. We’ll dive into history, legend, techniques and–perhaps most important–ethics. Come learn about the joy of hex.

The Promise of Contemporary Paganism as a PostModern Religion: The Need to Overcome the Cyber Effect

Presented by Tom Knowlin

This study will investigate the influence of cyber effect upon Neopagans, and by extension Neopaganism as a religious representation of twenty-first century Postmodern religious expression, and their ability to organize and advocate for Neopaganism’s core values. While Neopagan organizations depend upon the Internet and Social Media for their genesis and continuance, especially as an emerging religious subculture, it will be the contention of this study that these digital media also impede Neopagans in their efforts, especially if there is overdependence upon them. The degree with which Neopagans are impeded by negative cyber effect will be dependent upon mediating variables and moderating variables. The mediating factors are the individual Neopagans interdependent levels of cognitive, moral, psychosocial and faith development and maturity. The moderating factors will be the level of local acceptability and thus accessibility Neopagans have to supporting Neopagan community, organization and leadership.
Between Academia and the Ile: Negotiating the challenges of insider anthropology

Presented by Dr. Beatriz Morales Faba

Description forthcoming
The Bawdy Divine

Presented by Irene McCalphin

Our sacred body is the contains the vibrations of manifestation. This workshop is part play, part vulnerability and all about harnessing and integrating the power of burlesque and erotic movement to raise energy, shield, cleanse space, manifest desires and heal thine own sacred self. Come see and be seen. Accessible to all bodies and abilities. Body Shaming will not be tolerated. Body Celebration will be magnified.
The Mythic Celtic Roots of Southern Hospitality

Presented by Cynthia Talbot

Hospitality is an essential virtue in Ireland. No one should ever feel unwelcome, not people, or spirits, or the fey, the gods. How one deals with unusual or even problematic guests is a subject of many Irish folktales. This deep and prevailing need to be both hospitable and yet maintain the safety of the hosts is as important today as it was in the Ireland of our grandparents and great-grandparents, in the old South, and the modern bustle of Atlanta or Dallas. But the ancient ways of good hospitality are never really outdated and can be adapted to work well and with reverence to the modern world in which our paganisms exists. This discussion will touch upon the primary Celtic legends of hospitality from the Tuatha De Danann, to Thomas the Rhymer. To the survivals documented in Frank L. Owsley’s, Grady McWhiney’s, David Fischer’s, and Jim Webb’s works, and how all of this can aid the community building efforts of the Groves, CUUPS groups, and other mystic and pagan groups throughout the area.

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