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Faery Breathwork
Presented by Canu
Come breathe with the Faeries!
Tai Chi
Presented by Byron Ballard
Start the day off right with some light tai chi.
The Runes and Their Uses in Meditation, Divination, and Magick

Presented by Cody Kost
The Runes are a lot of things. Not only are they the writing system of the Northern people’s, we know today as the Norse, but they also represent various archetypal and spiritual forces within the Universe. These forces can be tapped into to help us in many ways. We can meditate upon each to incorporate their attributes into our being. We can observe their positions and timing of their appearances to foretell things to come. We can also utilize their energy in our magickal workings to bring about the changes we want in our lives and to our environments. We must think of each Rune as its own microcosm within the Macrocosm. We must see them as doorways into energies that can be utilized by those who earnestly seek and study.”
Ditch Witch: Magical Uses of Common Roadside Plants

Presented by Sara Amis
Most traditional practitioners don’t buy their supplies in a store, but find them wherever they happen to be. You can find potent allies within just a short walk or even in your own back yard. Ever wondered what poke weed is good for? Plantain? Dandelion? Learn traditional magical uses for these and many more common “weeds” which grow locally and throughout the South.
Fieldwork Among the Shamans

Presented by Tony Kail & Jack Montgomery
This presentation will present experiences and anecdotes from interviews and observation in the field with rootworkers in the Carolinas, Kentucky and Tennessee. This multimedia presentation features audio and slide footage of fieldwork including interviews and photographs of artifacts and curios used in the various manifestations of rootwork and conjure.
Walking with the Gods

Presented by Gina Grasso
The invocation of deity has been called the highest duty of a Priest or Priestess. It is done by using several techniques that a Priest or Priestess learns to master over the years, all to prepare themselves as a vessel for the Divine to move and speak through them. Are you called to walk with the Gods? Learn the steps to awaken this sacred craft and how develop a better understanding of invocation.

Hillfolks Hoodoo: Appalachia’s Living Folk Magic Tradition

Presented by Byron Ballard
With its gnarly roots in the British Isles, the German Palatinate and in indigenous American tribal practice, Appalachian folk magic is characterized by its hands-on and practical approach, as well as its use of available materials. Though it has come down to us through a Protestant Christians filter, this system is easily adapted to modern Pagan sensibilities.

In the Hall of My Ancestors: Ancestor Worship Among Modern Heathen Women in the South

Presented by Alvilldr Infagra
This paper will attempt to demonstrate some of the ritual practices and beliefs of Southern Heathen Women in regards to their ancestors. Whether they study their genealogy, construct ancestor shrines to give offerings, follow a predecessor’s career path, or visit the graves of their forbearers to commune with the dead, these women endeavor to create or continue relationships with their relatives who have gone to the afterlife.
Southern Pagan Prison Ministry

Presented by DiAnna Ritola
In the very Christian atmosphere of the South, inmates who identify as a minority religion, particularly Pagan or Heathen, have limited access to spiritual direction, facilitation, and ritual which is controlled by state policies in conjunction with federal guidelines. In North Carolina, these policies include restrictions on when and where and in what capacity inmates can meet and who is approved to facilitate/lead the meetings. This presentation will discuss my personal experience as Wiccan Priestess serving a group of male inmates at the Craggy Medium Security Correctional Facility near Asheville, North Carolina. I will share ways to build community, create safe and sacred space for ritual, conduct religious education, and collaborate with prison officials to ensure that incarcerated Pagans and Heathens are offered as much opportunity to practice their faith as possible.
The Astronomy behind the Astrology: Mechanics of the Sky

Presented by Noctua
Many shudder at the idea of a Mercury Retrograde….but have you ever wondered why retrograde motion happens? Or phases of the moon? Or how we can predict eclipses? Come learn about the basics of celestial motion, how to identify asterisms vs constellations, why Algol got the name the “demon star” and other interesting topics. As a native Arkansan I look forward to sharing the treasures of our Southern sky with you.
Rethinking the Great Wheel: Honoring the Seasons When You Live in the South

Presented by Stephanie Woodfield & Edward Rickey
The traditional wheel of the year is based of off the changing seasons of a particular landscape. Not everyone lives where there it snows or where winter means the same things. Our ancestors were connected to the way the land changed around them and found deep spiritual meaning it its ebb and flow. There is no reason why we shouldn’t do the same today. We will discuss how we can shape our practices to the landscape we live in and the ways we need to rethink our holy days when we live in a place that doesn’t reflect the lessons of the traditional wheel.

Sissies in Sanctuary: Sibilant Scenes towards a Southeastern Radical Faerie Spirituality

Presented by Jason Ezell
The Radical Faeries have held a mercurial place in U.S. neopagan history since Margot Adler referenced them in her 1979 Drawing Down the Moon. Building on a larger historiographic project which draws on RFD texts and images, on oral histories, and on regional archival materials to describe what is unique about early Southeastern Radical Faerie culture, I here single out a few historical moments to read for their spiritual resonance. Teasing out a regional spirituality which is sometimes difficult to recognize for its position in historical gay liberation and back-to-the-land movements, I argue that, if there is no whole-cloth tradition in the record, there are nonetheless practices which might be understood to invite a spiritual tradition even as they slickly resist one.
Introduction to Healing with a Frame Drum

Presented by Rebekah Laughing Crow Gamble
In this presentation participants will be introduced to working with single skin and double headed frame drums. We’ll discuss finding a “medicine drum,” caring for it and forming a relationship with it as well as why that’s important. We will then explore some of the basics of both one on one healing using the drum and group healing work. Participants will have an opportunity to experience different rhythms and their effects on healing the body. Bring a frame drum if you have one, some drums will be provided.
Scrying 101

Presented by Angela Kunschmann
Scrying 101 is a great introductory in the history and uses of Scrying. You will learn the basics in grounding techniques, learning to trust your visions, the history of scrying, as well as various methods to scrying. Each participant will not only practice with a small mirror but will be able to take the mirror home for future practice.
Sacred Dance for Groups

Presented by Lady Magdalena
Sacred Dance connects us with our ancestors who celebrated rites of passage by moving with each other around a central fire in a circular pattern. We raise energy into our magical workings now by moving in circular patterns using our inner fires to build the power even without an actual bonfire. Where does the impetus for foot patterns, hand gestures body placement, rhythm, making shapes in space and time come from? We will find the answers within ourselves. Improv games will first create group awareness and then walking the Pentagram on the floor will create ritual space. We will take risks by breaking boundaries and making personal shapes in space becoming both leader and follower. Next we will allow a God or Goddess to express themselves physically through us. Finally we will collaborate with the group to create a Dance of the Gods.

Little Red Riding Hood: An Archetypal Analysis of an Ancient Rite of Passage

Presented by Katrina Messenger
Once upon a time there was a dear little girl who was loved by everyone who looked at her, but most of all by her grandmother, and there was nothing that she would not have given to the child. Once she gave her a little cap of red velvet, which suited her so well that she would never wear anything else; so she was always called Little Red­ Cap.” Katrina Messenger’s certification as an Archetypal Pattern Analyst was based on her research into this famous fairy tale. She will share some of her findings prior to the publication of her analysis.

Bell, Book & Cinema: 120 Years of Witches in Hollywood

Presented by Heather Greene
The witch has always been a loaded figure filled with theological, sexual, and socio-political baggage. What elements of the historical and theological mythos seeped into Hollywood’s representation? What transformations did she make to acclimate to the film text? What does she represent now? It is my thesis that the Hollywood witch is an allegorical construct used to represent feminine power and sexuality. How the witch functions within a working narrative is based on the political and social landscape of the times as well as Hollywood’s own industry requirements (such as the Production Code etc.) In other words, the witch reflects society’s negotiation through a thicket of gender roles in the style that Hollywood embraced at any given point in time.
From the earliest silent fairy tale retellings, such as Marquerite Clark in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1916) to the most recent film The Witch (2016), Americans have a love of affair with this figure. My presentation, based on my book and study, will answer these questions and more.
The Power of Line & Symbol: The Art of Sigil Magick

Presented by Laura Tempest Zakroff and Nathaniel Johnstone
Explore Sigil Magick with a Modern Traditional Witch & Artist. Countless cultures have harnessed the power of the drawn line to make their mark on the world. We’ll look at the elements that make up all symbols, their possible meanings, & how to respectfully incorporate them into your own practice. For all levels and paths.
Defense Against the Dark Arts

Presented by Archonstone, Ursa, and Bear
Differentiate between the general spiritual fluff and actual attacks. Seasonal changes affect our perceptions. Prerequisites of development to sense various creatures, are they spirits, fragments, fae, other planar creatures (where are you?), supernatural, human or otherwise. How to clear spaces, tricks to block things from entering homes. Protections that can be used. How to deal with house cleansings and at what level. How to deal with supernatural beings. What are they, and what preparation and skills are needed. Lastly how to on healing people from blockages, implants, critters or more. This is a two session set of classes. The first is for beginners, the other is for more experienced individuals.


Rhythm for Women’ Empowerment

Presented by Tuatha Dea
Interactive rhythm event and drum circle is designed by women for women. The ladies of Tuatha Dea will be presenting a workshop drum circle to create a unifying and empowering circle using the drum as catalysis. The workshop will include the basics of drumming, drum etiquette, and introduction to the symbiotic relationship between drummers and dancers and more.

Bottle Trees and Balance: Hoodoo and the Way of the Saints.

Presented by Manny Tejada
This proposal explores the development of Hoodoo as a fully magical practice disconnected from a theological architecture as an emerging system of the practical knowledge found in African Traditional Religions. The proposal argues that Hoodoo is the application of ebbo, appropriate sacrifice and offering, that is common in African Traditional systems and emerged in the absence of priests skilled in the divinatory system of Ifá. Hoodoo builds upon a spiritual and cultural commonality by specifically organizing trans-generational knowledge but without the religious connections of the practices. Spiritual balance lies at the center of West African Traditional Religions like the Yoruba faith. Ebbos are about balance and protection. They serve to buttress the practitioner’s ability to be effective in the world, to fulfill one’s character while being safeguarded from negative forces. But it was also an adaptation to the New World by using the resources found here. The proposal suggests the Hoodoo is essentially African and uniquely empowered by African and Black culture.
From Grimoires to the Book of Shadows: A Short History of Magickal Books

Presented by Jason & Ari Mankey
Many Modern Witches keep or have inherited a Book of Shadows unique to their tradition, but just how old is the idea behind the BoS? Could it have originated before Modern Witchcraft emerged in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s? Grimoires and other occult books have been an integral part of the Western Magickal Tradition for centuries, and their influence has been felt within a variety of spiritual and magickal traditions, and is still a large part of what many Witches and Pagans practice today. Come learn the histories behind such famous works as “The Key of Solomon” and Agrippa’s “Books of Occult Philosophy” and how the modern Book of Shadows went from being a well guarded secret to a system shared in a variety of popular printed works.
Bridging the Gap: Hoodoo and Aromatherapy

Presented by Amy Blackthorn
Rootwork and Aromatherapy are not two ends of a spectrum, but siblings in an ever changing world of magical practice. Join Amy Blackthorn, author of the forthcoming ‘Encyclopedia of Magical Aromatherapy’ for a look at joining these two practices. Lemongrass is a potent ally in rootwork as well as aromatherapy and this is just one herb we will delve into.

The Magic of Grace: The Forgotten Arts of Forgiveness, Blessing, and Praying-True

Presented by Orion Foxwood
There are core spiritual skills that are neglected or marginally understood in a world that desperately needs them for the survival of our species and other earth-life. These somewhat forgotten sacred magical arts are fundamental to developing what could be called “a graceful heart”. Too many humans caught in the illusion of isolation, and its abandonment fear, fury and shame are infecting life with paradox. This is the single most destructive force in our world. If it is not healed, the next extinction event scientifically predicted to be caused by humans will become a reality. Before we as magic workers can fully engage into the healing of our species and truly mitigate its unfolding eco-destructive self-fulfilling prophesy, we must commit to Grace as a path of meaningful magic that is center-stage to being a co-creator with our beloved planet for the restoration of Eden. Orion will teach (a) a new and empowered meaning to forgiveness;(b) blessing as a practice that restores its target to the life-stream by mediating Divine Love and the Harmony of Heaven; and (c) a prayer form that arouses the inner star-pulse and twangs web of fate.
Crafting Film

Presented by Dodie Graham McKay
Documentary filmmaker and initiated witch, Dodie Graham McKay will discuss the process of developing a concept into a finished film, and the importance of creating a modern pagan aesthetic in media and the arts. Excerpts from her short films will be shown and her recently released documentary short “Starry Nights”, will be screened. This film features Pagan author Kerr Cuhulain and explores the beauty and value of connecting to the night sky.
Meditation in Magical practice

Presented by Michael Huber
We will start with a discussion of why we meditate. We will discuss different types of meditation and how it can assist us in our magical practice. We will then proceed into a guided meditation. During this meditation, we will build our inner temple. This temple can be used as a space for relaxation, relieving stress, finding our center, and working magic. We will conclude with a conversation about the best uses of and how to maximize your practice and meditation, with a Q&A to follow.
Toppling the Tower

Presented by Irene McCalphin and Justin Stanley
Rituals and spells for Resistance, Revolution and Radical Self Care. We answer the call of Resistance/With money, mouth and magic directed against the tower and its dragon. We answer the call of Resistance/ With the ordered thoughts of a mind calm and cold as the river iced in winter. We answer the call of Resistance/We hear the drum We hold the sword/ We see the field/ We answer the call of Resistance!

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